Q&A’s Suzuki Shemozzle

When news broke that the millionaire environmentalist would be leaving his multiple homes and five children to lecture Australians about the need to renounce consumerism and reduce population growth, Quadrant Online asked Q&A why it was devoting an entire one-man show to such a dubious prophet.

In a perfect world, mainstream media would have been posing those questions, but times have changed and old-fashioned, straight-bat journalistic inquiry has fallen from fashion. Someone had to do it, however, so the task fell to Quadrant Online and Andrew Bolt — and, miracle of miracle — actual, real-life, flesh-and-blood men of science were on hand to give Suzuki the sort of grilling his handlers would never countenance in his native land.

Here are our three backgrounders on Suzuki, his curious background, tactics and the eponymous foundation from which he was obliged to resign

Part One

False notes and the Sukuki method

Part Two

Solo Suzuki could use a sidecar

Part Three

Why David Suzuki had to quit his own foundation


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