Julian Assange falls somewhat short

Headline in The Monthly, June, 2013: – “How Julian Assange’s Senate Bid Will Change Australian Politics” by Guy Rundle.

"There is every possibility that a high-profile candidate such as Assange, who has already gained millions of dollars’ worth of publicity for free, could surpass  [the DLP’s 2010 primary vote] to secure a virtual place on the red leather benches. Should he do so, the Australian government will be in a bind."

Professor Robert Manne in The Monthly, March, 2011: – “The Cypherpunk Revolutionary: Julian Assange”:

"Today he is one of the best-known and most-respected human beings on earth. Assange was the overwhelming winner of the popular vote for Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ and Le Monde’s less politically correct ‘Man of the Year.’ … Julian Assange, who will soon turn forty, is undoubtedly the most consequential Australian of the present time.”

Percentage of Victorian voters who actually cast their ballots for Assange’s ticket : 1.14%.

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