Their ABC, for now

It could have been Tony Jones turning to a prostitute for the national broadcaster’s very first appraisal of Baroness Thatcher’s life and times, or Barrie Cassidy chuckling with his mates at Insider‘s token conservative on a pleasant Sunday morning.

Or it might have been another serve of provocative obscenity or mocking sacrilege from Aunty’s purported comics, specialists in contempt for the tragically unhip residents of Taxpayer Land.

But, no, none of those. This week it was Virginia Trioli’s turn to remind us just how large a ball of arrogant, nasty ignorance can be purchased for a mere $1.2 billion a year.

They’ll keep it up, of course, unless encouraged to do better.

The morning of September 15 would be a very good date to begin the lesson.

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