The Alan Jones Jihad

Alan Jones has rightly apologized for his grotesque remarks about Julia Gillard’s father. That should have been the end of the matter. Let his audience make up their own minds. If they choose to walk away from Sydney’s leading radio host, so be it. After all, Alan Jones depends entirely on his audience. Maybe, his hitherto faithful audience will prefer to tune in to Fairfax Media’s 2UE, or even Fran Kelly on the ABC. The average punters are perfectly capable of making up their own minds.

Now, we witness a bizarre campaign to drive Alan Jones off the air and effectively, Macquarie Broadcasting of which he is a large shareholder, out of business.

It is no surprise that members of the Gillard Government and its leftwing networks were not interested in any apology, but instead seized on Alan Jones’ off-the-cuff remarks as a convenient pretext to destroy him. Quick as a flash, the Left swung into action. Of course, it was essential that the tactic, in the form of an online petition be presented as a community based, spontaneous, non-partisan effort.

However, the notion of a “non-politically aligned start-up created by a would-be investment banker” is contradicted by even the most cursory internet search. We learn that this campaign is one of several run by Change.org, based in the United States. Self-described as dedicated to “progressive causes” and “social change”, Change.org is one of the latest additions to the left network. The cross fertilization of leftist organizations is illustrated in the person of Nick Allardice, Australian Director of Change.org. He just happens also to be deputy chair of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

It was much smarter to run the campaign via Change.org and the hitherto unknown Nic Lochner, rather than through Getup, which has been well exposed as a leftist front. Getting one hundred thousand couch potatoes to press a button was a piece of cake. Alan Jones has long been a hate figure and, oh, what an opportunity to mobilize the left networks!

The real scandal is not the tactics and antics of the Left but the bullying cowardice of so many in the business community.  Big business might seek to bully weaker rivals out of sight and sound, but will exhibit timidity under the glare of publicity. The history of big business worldwide does not inspire any confidence that the corporate sector is willing to defend freedom nor, if push comes to shove,  free markets. What is depressingly clear is that all too many corporate chiefs will surrender to Leftist authoritarians at the first hint of pressure.

In effect Booktopia, NIB, Pestrol, QBE, BoysTown, Anglican Retirement Villages, Chemists’ Own, Oporto, Guardian Funerals, Foxtel, McDonalds, NRMA, Mazda, Harvey Norman, Woolworths, Coles, Big W, Bing Lee, Challenger, Dilmah, Mercedes Benz, Freedom Furniture, Telstra 24/7, Lexus Parramatta, Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus, Australian International Motor Show, Slater & Gordon, Ford, 7-Eleven, Hyundai, Turner & Freeman Lawyers, Momentum Energy ,Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Geeks to You, State Custodians Mortgage Company, Grace Removals, John Oxley Motors, Toyota, Westend Mazda, Jetset Travel, Sydney City – Opel, Cruisescene, 2nds World, Deakin Univeristy, RSVP, Lite n’ Easy, Kathmandu, Gold Coast Theme Parks, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Hyundai, Honda, Blackmores, Thrifty Link, Ozforex, Foxtel and Medibank have declared war on the Macquarie Broadcasting Network and its large audience.

It is a disgraceful and embarrassing mass surrender to the Left.

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