The pink totalitarians

With Fathers Day almost upon us, Australia’s leading women politicians and media commentators continue to demonstrate their attitude to Australian men. The domestic and developing political matriarchy shows us the totalitarian nature of what is to come, both in its words and actions, yet we find that we can hardly speak about it — even before the laws against free speech are fully implemented.

The elephant in the room, the matriarchy, is hardly mentioned, except very carefully by Peter Smith in Quadrant Online and, occasionally, by Andrew Bolt. As of 2003, about one million children in this nation did not have access to their fathers (except, perhaps, every second weekend). There are virtually no men in primary school classrooms (no outcry here, nor programs of “positive discrimination” to redress the disadvantage). And there are a few men left in secondary schools, so almost half of Australia’s children do not see a man in their lives until they are well into their secondary education.

The public service, particularly those members who must deal with the public, such as in Centrelink offices, seems to be composed largely with women. I sent several messages to the local member last year about the dysfunction of the Parkes NSW Centrelink Office, suggesting that perhaps the single-gendered nature of the workplace was contributing to the problem. Mission Australia later refused to offer me a further contract to continue running the Language, Literacy and Numeracy program for that area because of my “sexist” attitude. Tony Abbott seems to me to be hated because of his gender more than anything else — Roxon/ Plibersek et al attacking him for his maleness and alleged attitude to women at every possible opportunity.

The new matriarchs display a definite penchant for plain packaging, prohibition, censorship of free speech, manipulation of the truth, spin, lies, and denial. Their contempt for men was clearly displayed by Leigh Sales on 7.30 last night (Aug. 22) as she attacked Tony Abbott over various issues she had already made her mind up about — fogging the camera lens with her hissing and spitting. University places are now running at about 60% female, and yet there are no proposals to redress the secondary curriculum with some of that “positive discrimination” to re-establish the balance.

Julian Assange is a pretty good example of an unfathered child — without borders and without any real idea of himself. He wallows in the megalomania, egotism and narcissism that his father (does he have a father?) could have gently directed into more positive pursuits had he ever been given a chance. Assange is not a journalist nor a hero — he is a real estate salesman selling space in the cloud for other poor unfathered useful fools. Unfortunately the world, the West in particular, now runneth over with unfathered men and women consumed by self-centredness that contact with their fathers may have tempered and directed toward a far more generous and enlightened attitude. Meanwhile, Assange remains holed up in the Ecuador’s London embassy, unfathering the children he is reported to have sired while simultaneously displaying the cowardice that seems to be a common denominator amongst many of the unfathered.

By the way, Julia Guillard does not and cannot “patronise” — she “matronises”, and there is a subtle but fundamental difference. I notice that spellcheck tells me that to matronize is, in fact, to patronise – however I know, and if you think about it, you know, there is a fundamental and absolute difference. Men are going to have to re-think the language to be able to engage this difficult new enemy. There is a definite left-wing, totalitarian edge to it — and the totalitarian, never favouring freedom of any sort, is not gendered at all.

Patrick McCauley is the Ancient Mariner. He lives in Clunes Vic and is looking for gold

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