Bess Price on Amnesty

After the farce of the Bolt Trial:

Amnesty a racist organisation, says Bess Price

by Stuart Rintoul

WARLPIRI woman Bess Price has accused Amnesty International of being an undemocratic and racist organisation, while attacking its indigenous rights campaigner Rodney Dillon as a “white blackfella” and a “physically white English-speaking Tasmanian”.

Ms Price’s angry attack came after Amnesty activists wrote to Northern Territory election candidates, including Ms Price, seeking their views on Aboriginal homelands, but it has been brewing since Amnesty condemned the NT intervention in June…

Ms Price, a Country Liberal Party candidate at the August 25 election and an outspoken supporter of the intervention, claimed Amnesty had done nothing but treat her and her people with contempt while turning “a deaf ear” to the most desperate and marginalised.

The attack comes after her appearance on the SBS Insight program on Tuesday, where she told Aboriginal lawyer and academic Mark McMillan, “you totally look like a whitefella to me”.

Mr McMillan was one of nine pale-skinned Aborigines who successfully took racial discrimination action against News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt in the Federal Court last year…

[First published in The Australian]

Source: Andrew Bolt’s Blog



And the repercussions?


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