Bolt vs. Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull supports gay marriage, Andrew Bolt doesn’t.


Malcolm Turnbull made a statement in Parliament supporting gay marriage:

If we had a free vote on the matter and, subject always to the wording of the bill, I would vote to recognise same-sex couples’ unions as a marriage. I find the arguments against it unpersuasive.

Malcolm Turnbull’s speech supporting gay marriage is here


Andrew Bolt commented on Turnbull’s speech:

Someone who refuses to state fairly the argument he then wants to counter is either uncertain of his argument or careless of its consequences – when the consequences are the greatest issue here for the non-religious objectors.

Andrew Bolt’s analysis is here…


Malcolm Turnbull replied on his blog.

This must be the longest bow of all – all those chaste and monogamous heterosexuals out there are about to become slavering, dissolute, philanderers because gay couples are according to Mr Bolt less faithful to each other than men and women.

Malcolm Turnbull replied (ROFL in the title of his text means "Rolling On Floor Laughing") here…


Andrew Bolt answered:

First, the argument that same-sex marriage will influence the understanding of traditional marriage is hardly controversial. As I wrote, it was asserted as a positive by gay marriage advocate Andrew Sullivan and other gay and lesbian theorists.

Second, the notion that gay couples tend to be more promiscuous (which might lead them to put a different weight on monogamy and permanence) is not something I merely assert. It is, again, drawn from literature I quoted.

Andrew Bolt’s response is here…

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