Tabloid Radio

Putting the ABC on eBay:

Tabloid Radio

by Tim Blair

Media analysis from Radio National’s Jonathan Green:

Mass circulation print tabloids, with their inimitable blend of sport, faux outrage, condescending avuncular familiarity and straight up fear mongering, are the only kind of newspaper likely to endure beyond the decade. The only other survivors are likely to be loss-making national broadsheets indulged by their proprietors as tools of politics rather than profit-making journalism. We only have one of those, of course, and it is not a Fairfax title.

Actually, that blend sounds extremely imitable. Green could well be talking about Radio National. At RN you’ve got your sport, your faux outrage, your condescending avuncular familiarity and – of course – your straight up fear mongering. And when it comes to indulgent loss-making as a tool of politics, RN sucks down around $15 million from taxpayers every year preaching leftism to leftists. If Green sees virtue in profit, let him join us in urging the privatisation of Radio National and the rest of the ABC. 

Source: Tim Blair’s blog


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