Happy Birthday, suckers

Spendaholic politicians find new ways to spend our taxes.

Cards from MPs waste of money, says birthday boy

by Erin Pearson

MOST people relish the delivery of a birthday card straight to their letterbox.

But Lara’s Andrew Podolak slammed his Geelong MPs, Richard Marles and John Eren, for sending him two “expensive” birthday cards this week.

Mr Podolak called the cards a blatant waste of public money, demanding the MPs immediately cease taxpayer-funded birthday greetings.

“The money should be spent on improving the city, helping the homeless or on education but instead it’s being wasted on expensive cards.

“A homeless shelter could be built for the price of all these cards and house hundreds of people in need.”

“Shame, shame, shame. They should use common sense and spend the money where it’s needed and not waste our public money.”

Source: The Geelong Independent



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