Blacklist culture

How cultural McCarthyism works in Australia.

Poems in October Quadrant including an autism one

by Melinda Smith

October 8, 2011

I am stoked to have three poems in October Quadrant Magazine. And (in case you were wondering) I do just read it for the poetry. And because the poetry editor is Les Murray, and he publishes my stuff, and I am proud that a truly great poet like Les Murray reads, likes and wants to print my poems (sorry if that seems a little defensive, I’ve just been at a poetry conference [Australian Poetry Symposium, Newcastle University] where it was made clear to me that publishing in Quadrant was a bad career move because it espouses the wrong kind of politics. I knew that already, but the naive artiste in me resents anything other than poetic criteria being applied to my output – or anyone’s output). Anyhoo…

Source: Melinda Smith’s Mull and Fiddle blog


Read Les Murray on The Quadrant Book of Poetry here…


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