Racism on the menu

When Patrick McCauley published an article on the moves to make racial changes to the constitution professor Marcia Langton was grumpy:

Enough with the “white”

by Andrew Bolt

Academic Marcia Langton and Megan Davis, arguing for race-based changes to our Constitution recommended by their committee, attack “outdated racism” and ”the attachment to the race paradigm that permeates Australian law and public sentiment”.

Yet just two paragraphs later in their article they seem to me to succumb to the very same failing:

Patrick McCauley, speaking for the old Quadrant club of white men who lunch, denounced the idea ….

And to add to their confusion:

The hysteria manufactured about the panel’s recommendations, long before the release of the report has caused widespread alarm among ordinary Australians, who do not comprehend fully the simple fact of the inherent difference of indigenous people.


Source: Andrew Bolt’s blog


As in other of his blog posts concerning Aborigines Andrew Bolt’s readers were not able to comment.

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