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Miranda Devine at the movies:

Iron Lady’s leaden mimicry an insult

The last movie I walked out of was a Reservoir Dogs video, during the dental torture scene. But I was pregnant at the time and squeamish.

This time it was Iron Lady, though I stayed too long. Meryl Streep’s overwrought mimicry might be worthy of an Oscar, but the insulting theme of the movie – Margaret Thatcher as a senile old lady hallucinating about her dead husband – deserves a crateload of rotten tomatoes.

Where was the British Prime Minister who won three consecutive elections, the last with more votes than the first? From 1979 to 1990, Thatcher conquered inflation and unemployment, cut taxes and bureaucracy, stood up to the unions, freed up the markets, and took Britain from economic basket case to confident economic powerhouse. She helped end the Cold War and predicted the Euro crisis, under fire at every turn.

Instead, we got a simpering girly for her early years, rather than the scientist and barrister. Her husband Denis, a successful businessman, is portrayed as little more than a clown.

The pits is a scene in which her children run alongside her car, begging her not to leave, as she heads off to the House of Commons, unmoved by their cries. Ugh.

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