Mark Steyn on Quadrant

Mark Steyn’s After America, the bestseller Australian bookshops don’t seem to be stocking.


Mark Steyn

November 2, 2011

The lead stories in this month’s issue of that fine Australian publication Quadrant are a brace of sober considerations of Steyn’s After America – first Daryl McCann on the role of the state in the ruin of America, then Greg Melleuish on nice people and the servile state.

By the way, for Australian, New Zealand and other South Pacific readers sufficiently intrigued by Messrs McCann and Melleuish’s reviews, this year’s SteynOnline Christmas specials, featuring two After America gift offers in hardback and audio, are now available for early overseas shipping. Order today, and make sure your loved one’s present is under the tree well before December 24th.

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