Rebels without the cause

Be stupid, occupy Wall Street. Or something else.

I am not talking about the organisers of this monument to human stupidity – they do know what they are doing very well. The same personages, the same tired, hate-filled images and chants, these rebels without the cause. Did not they notice that their spiritual Motherland collapsed in 1991? Trotskyites, New Lefties, Marxists of various hues and shadows, Greens – they all know very well what they are after. They are after the destruction of our way of life. They use freedoms, which are part of liberal democracy, to undermine and subvert the very democracy, which gave them these freedoms. These troglodytes are clear, their intentions are an open book to anyone who knows history. No, I am not talking about them. I’d love to, because these are the same people I defected from, when the USSR was in its nadir, but I do not dare talk about them. If I start I might be hauled in front of a progressive and socially responsive judge. 

I am talking about those, who really do not know what they are doing there. They just came for fun – to demand equality, equanimity, equitability, and, possibly extraterritoriality and exhumation. I suspect all those definitions would be all right for this crowd to demand and protest about. They might not know what these long words mean and think them to be capitalist oppressors’ tricks. Besides, it makes no difference to them – what to protest against. Also, I am reliably informed, they are there to raise the world’s awareness of inequality and corporate greed, and to complain that they have no money and when is someone is going to do something about that? Apparently, the idea of earning a living is not revolutionary enough for them. I even heard one shabbily looking individual telling a reporter that their protest is going to change humanity’s history. I always suspected undereducated morons to be self-absorbed but this is priceless.

In other words, these useful idiots have not got a foggiest idea what they are doing, clustering around stock exchanges waving placards, chanting moronic quatrains. If you ask them – what do you want? And, I kid you not, they will start quoting immortal Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, because, you see, they want for the forces of niceness and goodness to prevail over the forces of badness and evil. After blurting this, they would look at you with an eager expectation – when, oh when, will you start saying how good they are? I expect someone to start quoting Kamahl any minute: ”Why, oh, why are people are so unkind?”

The instance one starts saying awful things, like – where would taxes come from to finance your presence here if not for corporations, or do you personally pay any taxes or simply – are you working? – you are dead meat. Unless you get away pretty quick smart – you will regret being there.

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