Various news items, Friday 30 September 2011

Tony Abbott is pilloried in a new book which describes him as a sore loser and as someone afflicted by ‘innate and deeply embedded sexism and misogyny’. No one apologises. 

The Footy Show once again comes up with a sketch jam-packed with deeply-embedded sexism and misogyny – and St Kilda Football Club is forced to apologise for this. 

A male shop assistant bullies, insults and vilifies female customers who don’t buy his store’s products, and the store’s management defends him and tells the women to stop wasting their time shopping there. 

Wayne Swan reports a deficit of $48 billion for the 2010-11 financial year, despite taking government in 2007 to a surplus. He is praised because the deficit is fractionally smaller than expected. 

Andrew Bolt is found guilty of racial vilification and may be ordered to apologise because someone didn’t like his ‘tone’.

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