Good speech on free speech

The Centre for Independent Studies Big Ideas Forum was held in Sydney on 1 August. Counterpoint was there to record the speakers.

You Can’t Say That: Freedom of Speech & the Invisible Muzzle

The theme for this year’s CIS Big Ideas Forum is political correctness and its insidious march into Western society. Ostensibly a tool of civility and respect, it is often, on closer inspection, a way of silencing unpopular opinion, and is a serious threat to freedom of speech.

Join Dr Thilo Sarrazin, former central banker and author; Dr Janet Albrechtsen, columnist with The Australian; Professor James Allan, bills-of-rights scholar; and Brendan O’Neill, pulls-no-punches journalist and editor of the popular online UK publication spiked for a closer look into the pervasive problem of political correctness.


Listen to the Counterpoint recordings:

James Allan is here…

Janet Albrechtsen is here…

Thilo Sarrazin is here…

Brendan O’Neill is here…

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