A pogrom is announced

In Australia anti-Semitism has bought together the Far Right-wing, the Far Left-wing and Muslim extremists to boycott Jewish owned chocolate shops.

On activist blog sites dismal Orwellian political language comfortably entwines Islamic and Far Right Zionist conspiracies with familiar Far Left rants against their enemies:

Friends and supporters,

A fortnight ago Australian police viciously attacked a pro-Palestine Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) demonstration in Melbourne.

19 activists were arrested and charged with a variety of offenses including trespass, riotous behaviour and besetting (an antiquated anti-picketing law).

Arrests of political activists at a demonstration have not been seen in Melbourne for many years.

The attack by police was totally unprovoked, and clearly politically orchestrated. 

This attack is clearly part of an attempt by the state government to criminalize protest: this is a question of civil liberties and affects all those campaigning against injustice.

The Zionist lobby in Australia has also been strident in its attacks on the BDS campaign and have attacked the demonstration (and defended corporation Max Brenner).

Andrew Bolt, Gerard Henderson, Michael Danby and Kevin Rudd (amongst others) have written pieces in the press condemning the protesters.

Quadrant Online has already praised Kevin Rudd for his stand against anti-Semitism, so bravo also to Andrew Bolt, Gerard Henderson, and Michael Danby. We also recommend the targets of these Jewish boycotts, the Max Brenner chocolate shops, whose tasty products can be purchased here…

In calls to ramp up the hatred against Jews the familiar inner-city bourgeois whine is wrapped around a completely phoney view of the world as familiar techniques of deceit are employed to recast bullies and thugs as victims and turn the real victims into shadowy and inhuman forces of oppression. Unfortunately this particular invitation to another intimidating boycott of Max Brenner could have been written for an ABC opinion page, or been the script for a Radio National announcer:

Dear friends,

Solidarity greetings from Justice for Palestine, Brisbane. We are outraged at the violent attack on the peaceful BDS [Boycott Divestment and Sanctions] protest outside Max Brenner on July 1.

The Zionists and their supporters in government cannot stand the exposure of the daily violence, humiliation, torture and state sponsored terrorism perpetuated against the people of Palestine.

The political and economic isolation of Israel is intensifying as more people of the world learn of the reality of Israeli apartheid. That’s why they are desperate to silence the BDS campaign internationally. But it won’t work.

Taking its lead from the determined and unrelenting struggle of the Palestinian people the campaign has already demonstrated many times over that whenever they try to silence us, BDS activists will redouble our efforts.

In response to the brutal attack on the protest in Melbourne, we have decided to launch an all out effort to build a protest on August 27 against Max Brenner in Brisbane. We will launch this campaign at the BDS protest that will take place here this Saturday.

in solidarity,
Justice for Palestine, Brisbane

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What a “peaceful” protest looks like.
This isn’t the Kurfürstendamm in 1934, but Sydney in 2011:

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