Boycotting The Bolt Report

What is it with the Left and censorship? Professor Bunyip reports on an advertising boycott of The Bolt Report:

iPrimus? Maybe You Shouldn’t Primus

A GAGGLE of ABC and Fairfax future recruits is organising a boycott of Andrew Bolt’s new show. They are mostly kids (even the adults), and at the campaign’s Facebook page you will find this comment:

Andy Lee

I am the Marketing Manager at iPrimus. The advertising in question was a bonus spot provided by the network and usually advertisers are only notified of bonus spots after they air. It was in no way a targeted move by iPrimus to advertise during the show or to sponsor the show. After receiving feedback from our customers, we have instructed the TV network to cease allocating bonus spots to iPrimus for this particular TV show. At the end of the day it is our customers that are most important to us and we listen to them.

Source: Bunyipitude


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