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Below is a brilliant piece of creative writing from the Sydney [Left] Writers’ Festival program.

More perceptively, Andrew Bolt wrote that it was “Dishonest. Immoral. Irresponsible. And taxpayer funded.”

David Hicks and Donna Mulhearn


David Hicks was in the Pakistan/Afghanistan region undertaking training to help the people of Kashmir when the September 11 attacks changed everything, leading to his imprisonment in Guantánamo Bay. He has re-counted his experience in his book, ‘Guantánamo, My Journey’.

Donna Mulhearn was a human shield during the war in Iraq, part of an international civilian movement to protect sites from US aerial bombardment. Her memoir is ‘Ordinary Courage’.

In his first public appearance since the publication of his memoir, David Hicks will be in conversation with Donna Mulhearn. They will discuss the motivations that led them to be in harm’s way, respond to the accusations against them – naivety, foolishness, terrorism – and explain what really happened.

Source: Sydney [Left] Writers’ Festival here…


H/T Tim Blair’s blog : “He was only helping”.

UPDATE: On Tim’s blog you will find this comment by blogger hayesy, which gets it pretty right:

We can apply the Sydney Writers’ Festival deliberately vague version of reality to many fascinating episodes in history…

Adolf Hitler was in the German/Austrian region becoming a politician when World War II changed everything, leading to his suicide in Berlin. 

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