Behrendt Tweet cover-up

Editorial in The Australian on the Behrendt Tweet cover-up being conducted by the activist media:

Indigenous disadvantage awaits some tweet sorrow

APOLOGISTS for Behrendt ignore the greatest national challenge.

Infamous as it’s become, it was too much to hope that Larissa Behrendt’s tweet comparing the heartfelt comments of Bess Price unfavourably with televised bestiality would be an isolated indiscretion. Readers and contributors to The Australian overwhelmingly supported Price, an Aboriginal community leader from central Australia whose stated agenda is to improve the lot of indigenous people. But, predictably, activists have ignored the substance and directed their fury at this newspaper for having the temerity to publish the story. Using a post-modern political map, any view challenging their own is labelled "right wing" and their own fringe positions are treated as mainstream. Yet in the real world there is virtual political bi-partisanship between Labor and the Coalition to learn from past mistakes and find meaningful solutions.

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