Christmas Books: Gregory Melleuish

What can a conservative and a defender of Western civilisation read these days?

I’ve worked my way through Robert Tilley’s excellent Benedict XVI and the Search for Truth published by St Paul’s Publications back in 2007. We need to understand and appreciate Benedict who is one of the leading intellectuals of our age. 

I’m about to embark on Ian Morris Why the West  Rules — For Now (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010). The relationship between West and East matters and we need to have a better understanding of the relationship between the two. 

Having just been to Canada I am also about to read a book by a young Canadian conservative, Chris Champion, The Strange Demise of British Canada (McGill-Queens University Press, 2010). I think that Australian conservatives can learn a lot by looking at Canada, and also at the success of Stephen Harper. Which leads to my final read for summer which is John Howard’s Lazarus Rising (HarperCollins 2010). All books that will help to stimulate the conservative imagination.

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