The Fable of All Our Lives

Peter Kocan’s new novel The Fable of All Our Lives:

At the age of thirty, things are looking up for Tait. Freed after ten years of confinement, he has gained a literary grant and is eager to find a home and to succeed in his work.

As he settles in an idyllic spot, two worlds begin to converge for him. One is that of the local community, in which he discovers fellowship and the chance for love. The other is that of a larger drama of historical forces, one he comes to see as a tremendous moral fable of good and ill.

As the two worlds make deepening claims on him, the pressure mounts. Should he welcome intimacy and accept whatever happiness is offered, or is he meant to follow another road?

With a rich array of characters, and a potent blend of passion, lyricism and comedy, The Fable of All Our Lives will pose for readers the same question it poses for its protagonist: to what and to whom do we choose to belong?

Praise for Peter Kocan:

′Fresh Fields offers its readers one of the best reasons for reading a novel: it can enlarge an understanding of humanity.′ Canberra Times

′… this unique writer has accepted a life of profound isolation and extended to us a rare and generous invitation to enter and share…′ The Bulletin

Source: HarperCollinsAustralia

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