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Agony Auntie – ALP true believer seeks the wisdom of Faine

As painful as it might be, listen to the audio clip of caller “Valerie” on Jon Faine’s 774 ABC Melbourne morning radio show.

Valerie, a Labor supporter, phoned in to chew the fat with Faine about the heartache Labor is giving true believers like her and her friends at the moment. She appeared to be expecting a sympathetic hearing. Faine, however, seemed decidedly uncomfortable with the confiding nature of a dedicated ALP woman turning to him for advice. What would that do to the idea of impartiality that the taxpayer-funded network likes to promote? So he dumped her as quickly as it was politely possible, but not before speaking up about the rising fortunes of the Greens … hint, hint, Valerie.

Listen to the audio at Australian Conservative

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