Sell the ABC

Yes the ABC does have a strong left wing bias. Yes the ABC is guilty of flagrant bias with regard to the reporting of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Yes this left wing bias has significantly affected the citizenry, particularly on issues of national significance such as climate change, the accusations of the stolen generations and genocide. No, there is no known way of changing the entrenched, generational bias of the ABC. Ditto for SBS with an added dose of multicultural anti-Australianism. 

Why shouldn’t we sell them? Together they must be worth a lot of money and should go a good way toward paying some of the massive national debt we have racked up over the last few years. Why do we need a national broadcaster anyway? Every country where there is a national broadcaster, from the BBC to the state run television in China, has the same problem. Generational nepotism and subtly censored reporting with significant left wing bias. If the left wish to run national media networks, they should be made to purchase them and run them with regard to the market, the same as every other media broadcaster. State owned national media outlets can never be accountable to their owners, the people. They are, therefore, always unaccountable elites, accountable only to a small group of powerful directors and their own unions. This is unacceptable in a modern democracy and should be ditched. We should sell the ABC and SBS, reporters and all, to private enterprise – to the highest bidder. 

What are the difficulties, the political realities? Well, about fifty percent of the population is going to be against you. If Tony Abbot announced today, that a re-elected Liberal National Party Government would sell the ABC and SBS within three months of taking government, would they lose votes or gain votes? I think it would be about neutral. I reckon, there would be about fifty percent of the people who would be very glad to see both the ABC and SBS become fully privatized. So great is the anger against the misinformation and disinformation, particularly with regard to the aforementioned topics of national significance, this may be possible. If a government can sell Telstra, it can also sell the ABC. Let’s go fully private – no national broadcaster. There are other ways to ensure national content. If the ABC and SBS want to go off pontificating about whales and human rights and the bad bad men who make the glaciers melt and the seas rise up, let them put it to the people with their money on the table. This is the only power which will elicit fair, reasonable and balanced reporting out of either of these two organizations.

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