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Mark Henderson on “Another ABC ‘adventure in democracy’”

It’s hard to say the ABC’s “Q & A” went from bad to worse on Monday night because it went from bad to worse a long time ago.

But Monday’s program was a study in the sort of bias and left-wing culture that dominates its agenda.

The “adventure in democracy” was really a 5-2 gang up on the night’s token conservatives.

It was Tony Jones, Catherine Deveny, Bill Shorten, Waleed Aly and the audience versus Miranda Devine and Peter Dutton.

The first question accused Peter Dutton’s Coalition of unfairly blocking Kevin Rudd’s hospital takeover plans.

The second was about religion and “welcome to country” ceremonies and took sides with the latter.

Jones directed the question to Miranda Devine and Peter Dutton but allowed arch-lefty Catherine Deveny to interrupt seven times.

But when Peter Dutton interrupted Waleed Aly he was pulled up by Tony Jones.

The next question was a pot-shot at Wilson Tuckey.

All the while the audience was hissing and booing its disapproval of the conservative views.

Source: Australian Conservative

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