Stolen Generations discussion

From the Radio National website:

The national apology: the second anniversary

The history wars were largely fought over our heads by politically-opposed intellectuals, but what’s been the collateral damage? To mark the second anniversary of the national apology, we bring together a panel including two members of the stolen generations, the historian Peter Read and the revisionist Keith Windschuttle, who says the apology was a hollow public relations exercise designed to appease white audiences. His key argument is that Aboriginal children were removed on the same grounds as non-Aboriginal children – because they were orphaned, neglected or abused. He also disputes the number of children who were forcibly removed.


Brian Butler – stolen generations campaigner
Dr Gordon Briscoe – historian and academic
Helen Moran – co-chairwoman of the National Sorry Day Committee
Professor Peter Read – historian
Keith Windschuttle – historian 

The program was broadcast on Radio National on Saturday February 13, and the audio is here…

Andrew Bolt has posted on the debate here…

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