As Cory sees it

Senator Cory Bernardi’s new book As I See It is a collection of his published opinion pieces and a new essay on the recent changes at the top of the Liberal Party.

Back cover blurbs:

Alan Jones: “This anthology gives an insight into a man of character, capacity, leadership and achievement. Cory brings significant intellectual and philosophical resources to the Liberal Party at a time when many of its supporters felt the Party was losing its way.”

The Spectator: “… an astonishing victory for the new kind of conservative politics from below, animated by a low-tax, small government ideology and enabled by the ‘new media’ of the Internet. In the Australian Parliament Senator Cory Bernardi is a notable elected representative of the phenomenon.”

David Flint: “A prolific commentator, his views are based on firmly held principles. That is how Australians prefer their representatives – leading the debate, explaining and not hiding the issues.”

Copies of As I See It by Cory Bernardi are available here…

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