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How Australian McCarthyism operates in 2009. Extracts from a discussion by Left bloggers on global warming.

Paul Norton:

Christopher Monckton’s views on climate change have previously been enthusiasically reported on by Bob Carter at Quadrant Online, and presented to an adoring audience at the Heartland Institute’s 2009 Heartland-2 conference on climate change, where Monckton rubbed shoulder with an all-star cast including not a few from Australia.

Piers Akerman is also a big fan of Monckton – as is Andrew Bolt.


Who cares about denialists? Ignore them, don’t feed them. Never link to them.

Tim Lambert:

Monckton is also one of the speakers at the IPA Conference on the Economics of Climate Change Policy next month. I am not kidding.


Democracy is up there on the list of potential casualties in the post global warming world, I mean how much longer can the fascade [sic] of talking about action hold up in the face of real world outcomes? 

David Irving (no relation):

Yeh, but Tim, since when have the IPA had anything useful to say on either the environment or economics?


Conference on the Economics of Climate Change Policy next month

I mean, give a rats arse about the IPA and their loony ideas, but this is really sad. There is a lot of contested ground that could be dug over (if you excused the mixed metaphor) in the economics of the responses to climate change. This is an area where right-wing economists could have a red-hot go at actual interesting policy. However, Harry Clarke excepted, they’re too busy crapping on about serious scientific stuff that they are entirely unqualified to judge.

Personally I would have welcomed a bit of hard-nosed right-wing thinking in an ETS. The current beast we’re getting is a monstrosity.

As for Monckton, who cares really.

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