Quadrant testimonials


TEN really good reasons for subscribing to Quadrant
(and it’s great value!)

  1. Mark Bahnisch, blogger and academic, on Quadrant:

    that tawdry publication


  2. Legal Eagle, blogger:

    Personally I don’t read Quadrant. I read it once and did not like that particular issue at all.


  3. Guy Rundle, blogger:

    “Quadrant, the magazine of rants by squares


  4. Kerryn Goldsworthy, blogger and ex-Miles Franklin Award judge:

    10.11 am, 10 Aug 2009: “Quadrant is not something I read, except occasionally to laugh and point at one or two of their more demented contributors.


  5. Kerryn Goldsworthy, blogger and ex-Miles Franklin Award judge:

    10.04 pm, 10 Aug 2009:I DO read Quadrant occasionally, albeit as seldom as I can get away with.


  6. Rhys Needham, blogger:

    I’ve read it online occasionally and some of it like re-reading Mein Kampf all over again (I have read it), albeit with the words ‘Jew’ changed to ‘Muslim’.


  7. James Russell, blogger:

    A mate of mine buys Quadrant. I’ve flicked through bits of it at his place, found the poetry loathsome, can’t remember the articles.


  8. Jeff Sparrow, magazine reviews editor, 2006:

    the withered shanks of Quadrant subscribers


  9. Jeff Sparrow, blogger and magazine editor, on Quadrant, 2009:

    argh! the stupid! it burns!


  10. Anne-Kit, blogger and reader:

    I love Quadrant.

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