Homage to Elizabeth Durack

Artist, and Quadrant essayist, Elizabeth Durack (1915–2000) now has a stylish online home at www.elizabethdurack.com 

The authorised archival website showcases artworks and personal memorabilia and provides a bibliography of published texts.


Her sympathetic rendering of Kimberley landscape and figures gained her a wide and appreciative popular audience; prominent art critics usually found her work more difficult to place. 

The site includes an online gallery offering a panorama of her work up to the Eddie Burrup paintings completed before her death.

Maureen Smith:

The art of Elizabeth Durack is an integral part of Australia’s cultural heritage – part of our ‘blood’s country’. Long before it became acceptable or even fashionable her art challenged our perceptions of our land and its people …


Photos of the artist by John Cato

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