Paradise seeks us

“thou seest that the reason has short wings”

Dante Alighieri Canto 2 – ‘The Paradiso’ 

If the whales are a threatened species, then we should create whale sanctuaries for them to breed in, and the Japanese should develop whale farms where whale meat and ambergris can be harvested humanely. However, as a free thinker, I cannot agree with the moral proposition that claims whales to be a somehow superior form of life to other animals which mankind harvests for food. A whale death does not become more important than a cow death because it is a larger animal, nor because some may consider it more beautiful, nor because of its wildness. It only becomes more important if the species is threatened. 

The impact of humankind is now treated with utter distain (even hatred) by a vain and self obsessed form of left thinking, yet they find it impossible to even rarely applaud the magnificent vision of civilization. Much progressive thinking about environmental issues seeks an ‘original’ ‘native’ ‘indigenous’ vision that has never been significantly articulated – even in fiction or art – at some point in time before humans had plagued and polluted the earth. It is widely believed that there are too many human beings and that our success will be our demise. It is fundamentally believed that we, homo sapiens, do not belong here on earth. Humans have built their houses, cities and civilizations out of the very things that the earth provides – together with the genius in us which we cannot control. It is this thing that we love most and is the most godlike thing within us. It is our love for the whole earth, the world, and for the whales that sparks our observation and our intelligence – our imagination – our invention – our problem solving genius. It is this thing we cannot stop, and it is this thing that no other animal we know of, can do. 

 The progressive anthropologists argue that it is greed and lust – sinfulness, that drive us like gluttons eating up the environment of the earth and the whales. Yet most people are locked so tightly in their lives of survival, within the laws, that only the lucky few can partake of such dreams as democracy, social justice, human rights and animal liberation. Human beings do not allow each other to be free, like other animals. So before greed and lust, most human beings dream powerlessly of magic or stories or inventions to disperse the dark thoughts of apocalypse. We must dream or die. 

We dream of paradise as well as hell. Yet we must hunt and farm and dig in the ground because this is our nature – this is what we have – this is where we are – on the earth. Our bodies, which believe in death, seek to get rich and die. We just can’t wait for paradise. So we attempt to make money. This is the only heaven that socialist democrats atheists, the left wing intelligentsia can allow themselves to believe in. Science will not tolerate even the dreaming of an after life. Thus paradise can only be remembered as the Garden of Eden – before humankind polluted the earth. 

It is absurd to continue to believe that human beings are alien to the earth, and as such do not have the same integrity as the other animals and plants that live. All animals pollute and manipulate the food chain. We now protect sharks and crocodiles. Though they eat our children, we turn the other cheek. Because we are the most successful species, we have decided to make ourselves Gods. We seem to have agreed to take control of the environment of the world – we are now attempting to control the weather. We believe that human beings are responsible for global warming though there is no conclusive scientific evidence to support that proposition. We believe it to prove to ourselves that we do not believe in the one omnipotent God of Christianity or any other Faith. We are not permitted to question this belief. Some say that this, in itself, proves environmental science is a religion.  It also allows us to do something about our sense of powerlessness, our sense of impending doom. Yet perhaps the earth is attempting to take us to paradise. Perhaps the earth is adjusting to our success. We can find a thing like uranium and make use of it. It would be far less of a thing if its potential was not released. If we can turn uranium into electricity we are magnificent. Do we then praise God or ourselves? Yet with everything created falls the shadow. 

It could also be a prideful attempt by mankind even to attempt to decarbonize the atmosphere in the belief that we are causing global warming. Why should not the earth remember how to adjust to levels of carbon dioxide that it has already experienced? Perhaps mankind overrates its importance on the earth and undervalues the mind of the world. Why should the world not have a mind? Why should the climate systems of the universe not be considered intelligent? What human scientist can stand in front of the sun and the moon to tell them that they are wrong?  If civilization is the way to paradise, of course there will be casualties. 

Civilization is the grand sum of all the cultures ever lived, and it believes it is on the way to paradise. If civilization is not on the way to paradise, then we must be alien to the environment of the earth. We must have forgotten who we are and where we come from. We must have forgotten our original culture. We cannot, therefore, possibly know where we are going to. 

Any species which does not know where it is going and does not believe in God, must believe it is the master and mistress of the universe. Yet we fear that the environment – nature – may consume our consciousness as it does a bamboo house in front of a tsunami. The consciousness of mankind may be wiser to accept that the environment is great – greater even than science. The destination of human consciousness remains transformation or apocalypse. We may be better off by simply developing a fireproof building material – to accept ‘climate change’ – rather than pretending that wind farms will ever be able to replace coal fired power stations. 

Who could believe that a poem or a story could cure global warming? We believe paradise can be found with good processes, with ideas. If love is true, paradise might just happen all by itself – who could dare deny that paradise seeks us as much as we seek it? – that love seeks lovers as a hunter seeks a beast. What would paradise be without human beings? – without consciousness? No heaven place could be complete without that which is within us that love creates, that creates love. Like magnets, we are attracted to heaven, through the maelstrom of global warming, drowning whales and divorce. Through the oil burning, we are irretrievably sucked toward paradise. We know the way. We will make it.

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