Winning in Afghanistan

Brigadier Justin Kelly:

Until there is security [in Afghanistan] there can be no real progress and, as a result, we should be doing more fighting and fewer good deeds.

The media, the public and politicians find it easier to argue for the benefits of reconstruction, education, political reform – hearts and minds – than they do for the remorseless hunting down and destruction of insurgents.

The problem with a hearts-and-minds approach, apart from not working, is that even if it did work it would take a long time,and this time works in favour of the insurgent’s attempts to exhaust us.


Read Justin Kelly on “How to Win in Afghanistan” here

Richard Fernandez, Belmont Club at Pajamas Media:  “I can’t recommend this talk by retired Brigadier Justin Kelly of the Australian Army, which I had the opportunity to listen to in person, highly enough.”

On March 25, 2009, Justin Kelly spoke at a Quadrant Dinner:  

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