Racist Andrew Bolt

Is the Left’s fraud squad at it again?

Now it’s Andrew Bolt’s turn. Attempts have been made to place racist comments on his blog to embarrass him and his readers.

The unreasonable Left, as usual, preferring fraud and deceit to ideas.

Andrew published this notice:

ALERT: We have detected in past two days a number of new readers – or old readers using new fake names – posing as racists and claiming to be my keenest supporters. This is clearly an attempt to produce trumped-up evidence for someone then to claim that this blog encourages racism, when – as you know – the reality is that I am militantly against it, whether racism of the old kind or the New Racism of the Left.

On the one hand I’m flattered that my usual readers are considered to be too decent to quote in damning this blog, requiring some of my critics to invent the readers they’d prefer me to have. But I’m also aware that a set-up is being encouraged and I urge regular readers to alert me and the moderators to any comments that sneak through that should have been snipped.

What madness this is – to perpetrate a vileness in order to denounce it, because what you’ve been denouncing is in fact too innocent.

Source: Herald Sun


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