Email from Heaven – and a reply

Email from Frank Brennan:

Subject: Re Telstra’s Bad Bill

MY [sic] committee welcomes Telstra’s submission about the desirability of a national charter of rights, just as we welcome the thousands of other submissions already received. We would also welcome a submission from those individuals and corporations, including News Ltd, agitating for a right to know. We are open to receiving submissions from all individuals and groups, corporate and non-corporate. It is interesting to note that in the UK, even the Institute of Directors decided to buy into the debate about recognising economic and social rights in any future UK bill of rights.

Fr Frank Brennan SJ AO
National Human Rights Consultation

Email from James Allan:

Dear Editor,

The fact he welcomes the submission in no way tells us whether it is legitimate for the company to make it. Father Frank’s act of welcoming has to be seen in the light of his position as chair of the committee. As for references to the UK, if you looked for a worse example to follow you couldn’t find one. That something happens in the UK, doesn’t make it appropriate, or necessary to follow down here – as I’m sure he’d be the first to argue in a different context.  What he nowhere points out or argues for is why it is appropriate for Telstra to do this. I’d be interested in that argument.

James Allan


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