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Position Vacant: An Antipodean DeSantis

When deaths have to be up-played. Whenever Trump can be blamed. Otherwise, here’s the latest from CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky: “The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75 percent, occurred in people who had at least four co-morbidities. So really these are people who were unwell to begin with.”

We’ve recently learnt that half of those in hospital recorded as COVID patients have in fact entered hospital for other reasons. They were routinely tested and found to have the virus. It’s likely deaths, too, have been overstated and, to boot in Australia, have been offset by the drop in deaths from influenza-cum-pneumonia (IP).

To the end October, the latest figures available, deaths from IP were 1,816 in 2021, 1,877 in 2020 compared with an average of 2908 across 2015-19. The difference adds up to about the number of registered COVID deaths to the end October 2021. With a median age of death at around 85 years, it’s true to say that when you get to that age all bets are off.

Let’s not beat around the bush. This has been the greatest overreaction since the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were shot. Now healthy five-year-olds, with zero chance of succumbing to the virus, are being lined up to be injected with an mRNA vaccine, the long-term effects of which are unknown. With such abandonment of responsibility, conscience, decency and common sense, why think this will be over by Christmas? Middle Ages, Modern Ages, CVOID Ages.

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s keeping kids from school for two weeks to give them a better chance of getting the shot, before risking their lives in the classroom. Idiocy, yes. But she’s not as stupid as she acts. There’s a rat cunning at work among the elite and the political class. First, this week’s small example; second, last week’s.

Dominic Perrottet, what a disappointment (see below), says at a press conference on Monday that “over half” the patients in intensive care in NSW are unvaccinated. Half an hour or so later Scott Morrison says that Perrottet said that the patients in intensive care were “predominantly” unvaccinated. Is this an example of the noble lie that Ron DeSantis has rightly rejected in Florida? Or it is simply that today’s callow, ill-educated speech writers no longer have a facility with words?

To Novak Djokovic. What a fiasco. Got visa and then barred from being here. I’m all for the government being able to prevent undesirables from getting or staying here, including so-called boat people. Who, incidentally, the government seems to have a devil of a job removing once they’re ashore? Djokovic doesn’t remotely come under the umbrella of undesirable. Though now “undesirable” and “unvaccinated” are seemly interchangeable.

He’s had the virus and therefore has immunity, at least equal to those vaxxed. Fit and young, he brings no measurable risk of requiring an intensive care hospital bed in Melbourne. As for passing on the virus. Well, he can’t do that if he isn’t infected, can he? And testing sorts that out. To wit, there were and are no medical grounds for booting him out. And to keep the world’s best tennis player incarcerated in a cramped, cheap hotel bordered on cruel and unusual treatment.

One thing our diplomats can put on the table in trying to protect Australians abroad from unjust treatment is the considerate treatment we mete out to foreigners. This kind of thing practised against Djokovic puts us all at risk in foreign lands. What goes around comes around. Don’t admit you’re Australian if you get arrested in Serbia in coming months.

Another disturbing facet of the Djokovic affair is the mean-spiritedness it brought out among some journalists and their readers. The same kind of people, I suggest, who voluntarily and virtuously walk around outside with face nappies. Sorry my prejudice is showing. I know, he’s rich and famous. He’s also a person and entitled to our kindness and consideration.

Thankfully, the Federal Circuit Court set Djokovic free, for now. As I write, it remains to be seen whether the government finally does the right thing or reverts to power-hungry type. Political calculations, devoid of principle, will hold sway.

Think of it this way. Politicians want to let famous people in. Everything in their nature cries out for it. That’s the kind of people they are. They want to mix with the high and mighty. That’s one of the reasons they climbed the greasy political pole. But another, higher calling is to exert power. And the two can clash.

In this case, letting Djokovic in compromises their ability to deny entry to the unvaxxed daughter desperate to come home to comfort her dying father. You see, they say, we’re treating everyone the same. Didn’t let Djokovic in, did we? Let Djokovic in and, just maybe, they’d have to find a way of treating ordinary folk with compassion. Anyway, it’s a lever for us ordinary folk to use. And boy, do we need it in these times of tin-pot political despots.

Finally, back to Perrottet. I saw Ron DeSantis interviewed by Mark Levin on Sunday US time. Considered, articulate and principled. Better COVID hospitalisation rates and fewer deaths than most other states. Emphasis on treatments for the sick, taking care of the vulnerable, and individual responsibility. No vaccine mandates, lockdowns, or school closures. Contrast all that with Perrottet — hesitant, rabbit in the headlamps, spruiking vaccines for young children. In favour of saving unborn children but willing to throw five-year-olds to the pharmaceutical wolves.

An excuse of sorts. Perrottet is a creature of parliamentary factions. DeSantis is his own man. Maybe the grotesque reaction to COVID has shown us that in desperate times, the US constitutional system is better at throwing up strong, principled leaders; as examples, DeSantis, Kristi Noem and Greg Abbott.

Who have we got?

18 thoughts on “Position Vacant: An Antipodean DeSantis

  • Homer J says:

    Well said, Peter. Agree 100%. I watched that interview too. On one hand, it feels wonderful listening to a true and principled leader but on the other hand, it’s frustrating to know that there is nobody like that in Australia, not even close. All we got is awful leadership across the board incl. a corrupt media and totalitarian corporations.

    My wife surprised me yesterday. She didn’t want the jab for anything in the world. But then she lost both her jobs from one month to the next. She is a relief teacher (WA) and also did Woolworth’s online orders at night. The teaching department didn’t even allow her to re-register as a teacher until she got the jab. Well, she got her first shot yesterday: against her will and now she is truly scared of possible side effects. Her fear of never working again outranked her fear of the vaccine in the end.

    What truly horrible times we live in.

  • Stephen Due says:

    Interestingly, Noem and De Santis both sought advice on Covid from a wide range of experts. Each made their call on the basis of sound ethical principles, a commitment to protect civil liberties, and all (not just some) of the evidence available to them.
    Three reasons why Australia lacks leaders of this calibre:
    (1) Australia has a tiny population with relatively little depth of talent and diversity compared to the USA
    (2) After WW2 Australia followed Britain down the dreary road to the endless mediocrity of socialism
    (3) Australia, unlike the USA, lacks a substantial stream of broadly Christian influence that produces individuals with outstanding strength of character.

  • mike2 says:

    “To the end October, the latest figures available, deaths from IP were 1,816 in 2021”

    Yes..but when you broaden the respiratory term the picture is even worse than that.

    11,023 deaths (1 year)compared to covid (with or because of?)total of 2,415 deaths.

    “…There were 11,023 deaths from respiratory diseases between January and October 2021..”

    “..Respiratory diseases include causes of death such as pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lower respiratory diseases (including emphysema and chronic bronchitis). Deaths due to COVID-19 are not included in this category…”

    “..As for passing on the virus. Well, he can’t do that if he isn’t infected, can he?..”

    We dont know if he is or is not “infected”.
    They could simply do a PCR and solve the mystery.

  • Adam J says:

    Stephen Due has offered a diagnosis of Australian society and I couldn’t agree me. I have come to the conclusion that the nature and circumstances of Australian society have conspired to bring about our own decline.
    Here are some others:
    1. An historically high trust in government. This trust was built up over generations and exists because of our British heritage. That heritage is now condemned or ignored by the oligarchy.
    2. An homogeneous white population from Anglo-Celtic racial stock has been replaced with a diverse multicultural one. These people often lack or have a different kind of interest in Australian history, identity, institutions, and values, and therefore their relationship to government is completely different.
    3. As a result of these, the government can’t prioritise traditional Australian values or government. That would jeopardise public trust and multiculturalism. It’s new goal is to be the nanny of all her children, and the nanny always knows what is best for everyone.

    I’m particularly interested in how geography affects thought and values and in this regard we are neither Britain nor the USA. We have a large area like the USA but live generally close together in a few main cities more like Britain. What is the result of this?

  • tommbell says:

    It’s clear that Perrottet’s grip on power is tenuous and depends on the likes of Matt Kean. He talked the talk for a while (maybe 3 days as Premier?) and then abject capitulation to the mandate mandarins in his government/ health bureaucracy. Sad. Not surprising.

  • andrew2 says:

    What about Mark Latham?

  • rosross says:

    Well said Peter. The levels of denial and arse-protection are at horrifying heights.

    You wonder how long they can keep denying and lying.

    Background rate of paediatric myocarditis?
    Myocarditis is normally very rare in the paediatric population (4 per million per year), but the surge in post-vaccination cases reported to the CDC VAERS (n=23,317 cases as of December 31, 2021) is concerning to Dr McCullough.

    “If the background rate is 4 per million per year, we now have vaccine-induced myocarditis rates that are around 200 to 400 per million in a year [1 in 5000-2500],” says Dr McCullough

    “And don’t forget, that’s not boosted children. Once they start getting boosted, the numbers could run up to 600 to 800 per million per year [1 in 1600 – 1250],” he adds

    The rates of myocarditis are more common in young males, probably due to androgens (hormones like testosterone).

    Quote: German site has compared the figures for adverse events of COVID mRNA vaccines with other vaccines. The results are nothing less than frightening

    Citing the figures in the current safety report of Germany’s renowned Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) from December 23, 2021, found “frightening” results:

    “In the last eleven months, four times as many suspected adverse reaction reports and four times as many deaths in absolute numbers were reported for COVID vaccines alone than in the last 20 years for the totality of all vaccines used in Germany.”

    Using the PEI’s latest updated figures, a total of 123,347,849 doses of COVID mRNA vaccine had been administered in Germany up to November 30th, 2021. Correspondingly 196,974 adverse drug reactions (ADR) were reported, of which 1,919 were deaths.

    Meanwhile during the period of 2000-2020, some 625,500,000 doses of all other vaccines were given, of which there were only 54,448 ADRs, of which 456 were deaths.

  • rosross says:

    Something which needs to be considered in terms of how easily many have been frightened into submission and compliance is that modern science is the new religion, replacing religious faith in many people, and conventional or allopathic medicine is in essence a cult of materialist-reductionist science.

    Both science and medicine are power and profit-driven and when you combine that with public faith in those systems, and faith in the literal religious sense, you are going to see the same sort of abuse and exploitation which arose from religions in times past, and indeed, still do in some religions today.

    It is not rational and so cannot be countered with logic or reason. You believe in science and medicine and any challenge to that dogma is so terrifying it cannot and will not be tolerated.

    I lived for many years, decades in fact, in India and four African countries, including one torn apart by civil war, and I was struck, returning to Australia and travelling to other Western countries, at the level of fear in those societies compared to those where I lived or had lived, where there really were things to fear.

    A denial of death and a fear of illness feeds the science-medical industry and that foundation makes for a very pliable public.

  • Phillip says:

    Peter, Excellent, Again.
    The Djokovic issue is a huge spotlight on the failings of a politically created scare campaign and the merit of having a federal judge point to that blatant failing by our bureaucrats and political leaders.
    The federal judge was never interested in the vaccination status of Djokovic (and rightfully so)….rather that the Australian immigration issued Djokovic a visa to enter and Djokovic supported the visa with medical exemption status from two independent aust government approved assessment panels.
    Djokovic arrived healthy carried no drugs no guns no contraband however some goons at ABF believe to enter Australia a person must have two shots of poison prior. And then if no poison taken the ABF will confiscate your passport and imprison you !
    The federal judge saw through all this saying there was no such law applicable and accordingly released Djokovic with costs against the government.
    Australia is the dumbest camp on the communist tyranny circuit.
    It’s farcical that Morrison wants to deport one of the healthiest and fittest humans and yet on the same day more than 50,000 suckers, mostly all vaccinated, are testing positive to the government scare campaign and somehow Morrison does not want to deport them ?!!
    The basic common sense science says if you take the Pfizer poison you will get sick with everything.
    The sooner people stop complying stop wearing masks the sooner this political BS will go away.

  • ArthurB says:

    I spent about half of my working life employed in scientific research, mainly in the biological sciences, and I used to be an avid reader of journals and literature. During the Wu Flu pandemic (? panic) I have been reading a lot on the Internet on the subject, and I note that many distinguished and reputable scientists assert that the measures enforced by governments in the West have been a disaster. In particular, the vaccines may have catastrophic effects in the near future, and I am amazed that the medical authorities and politicians in this country are adamant that everyone, from babies up to the aged, be Jabbed and, what is more, be forced to take the boosters that are claimed to be necessary to protect the population from the new variants of Covid.

    In WA, where I live, our Dear Leader has promised that the unvaccinated have to be punished for their recalcitrance.

  • Adam J says:

    The vaccines are simply not that good. That’s it. If they were it would have been over for months.

  • Macspee says:

    Arthur B is right. The long term effects of the vaccines are unknown for obvious reasons. No doubt over the next 3-5 years there may be some indication but could take longer

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    Thanks Peter.
    According to Ajahn Brahm, the Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery:“The secret of life is…..everything is out of [our/their] control!”
    Governments are being hoist on their own petard by the rate and speed of viral transmission. To state the obvious, it is disrupting work forces and supply chains. Staff are beginning to revolt against unworkable and constantly changing government public-health edicts. Sectors of the economy could grind to a halt. Hungry people with loo-paper deprivation syndrome can do crazy things.
    My advice: stay calm and carry a full canister of DETTOL GLEN-20 at all times.

  • Geoff Sherrington says:

    A child aged 10 or so faces the question, vaccinate or not?
    The vaccines have both positive features (reduction of severity of illness) and some negative features (inadequate time has passed to research long term side effects).
    The vaccine can give some immunity from further Covid waves, but these now seem unlikely because of the efficient replacement by Omicron variant of prior variants like Delta. Infection by Omicron confers a “wild” immunity that appears to be equal to or better than the immunity from vaccines.
    What does the child do? Chances are that the Omicron variant will infect 50% or more of the population of Australia in the course on the next few weeks. If the child delays taking the vaccine, future immunity can happen without the need to consider long term vaccine effects.
    As to some historical events that have followed pandemics, do study this 20 minute video essay by Dr John Campbell.
    It seems that many Quadrant readers are like I am, aghast at the concept of mandates forced by governments, like not being employable unless you have 2 jabs of vaccine. This grim enforcement fails to weave in the effects of natural immunity acquired by having caught the Covid illness. Surely a person like said tennis player, who claims to have had Covid, should be regarded in much the same light as a double vax person. A cynic might imagine that there has been some incentive to push mandated vaccine jabs or else. Then we read that the Feds are agreeing with Pfizer to build a factory here to manufacture future vaccines. More money on top of the money spent on past vaccines, past testing, past overtime, past compensation for displaced workers … when does it ever come together with a good, credible cost:benefit study by a neutral accountant?
    So much seems to have been done because of poor advice from medical as well as workforce advisors. Geoff S

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Here in the Hermit Kingdom of WA, permission to work in 75% of the workforce is now dependent on THREE jabs, as soon as one becomes eligible for the booster. Our beneficent Commonwealth government, of course, is making the time before the third jab shorter and shorter (until, as my dad joked, you have to get your third jab BEFORE your second!). Chairman Mark said on Monday that, if we don’t get jabbed, “life is about to get very difficult for you.” This is because, “Far too many resources are being used over east to care for individuals who would not take the basic steps to care for themselves.”
    One can only assume that our beloved Little Dictator also intends to make life “very difficult” for smokers, dessert-eating diabetics, fat Maccas patrons, and semi-nude sunbathers.

  • Ceres says:

    I was so looking forward to your take on this covid circus Peter and you haven’t disappointed.
    The hard push and flip flopping and lying narrative raises too many red flags for me. Then to hear the infectious disease “expert” Raina MacIntyre state you should tape up your doors in an apartment if you can smell neighbours’ cooking smells tells me we’re at peak insanity.
    As for Novak, it’s high time our international border policies were changed for all, and mean what you say PM about living with the virus. Our international reputation as the fair go country has taken a beating, as my son in Texas reminds me. All very normal there under Greg Abbott.

    I now barely recognise this country. A new Australia is creeping out from under the rocks. – a tribe of primitives and hysterics, u leashed by politicians

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Ta dah! It’s late Friday afternoon and they’ve just shafted Djoko.

    On grounds of health and public good order.

    Neither applies.
    What a farce, and how does Morrison think this will reall help him?
    Unless Australian Tall Poppy Vaccine Enhanced Syndrome is alive and well.
    Yes. Yes it is. But just watch now as the regret about ‘the tennis’ starts.

  • Pablo07 says:

    Can still pray: A body and soul statesman, give us O Lord

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