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Doctor Fauci and the Fear Factor

I had just received my copy of Robert Kennedy Jr’s latest book – The Real Anthony Fauci – Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health  [i] for my Christmas reading.  It looked so delicious I read it immediately, just couldn’t put it down. There are several things that I need to say about it.

Firstly, it really is a must-read book.  For anyone who has watched the COVID narrative evolve over the last two years much will come as no surprise, but the detail presented is staggering and some of it totally unexpected. Kennedy uncovers a whole new narrative that has been buried in plain sight. In order to formulate a response to the COVID issue, you really need to consider the entire big picture that Kennedy provides.

Secondly, one must always keep in mind that this book is from a true and trusted Democrat, not someone who can  be dismissed as a ‘right wing nut job’, to quote one of the Left’s favourite contemptuous dismissals of all and any who do not share their opinions and goals. But that also raises an interesting sub-text, one that haunts the book. One of Kennedy’s motives for writing appears to be to protect the legacy of his famous father and uncles in the children’s services and AIDS fronts. Unfortunately for a Democrat, that puts him on the wrong side of Dr Fauci who, as the book documents, has a notorious history of exploitation of vulnerable children (generally black and in orphanages) and AIDS sufferers, the very people that Kennedy’s kin championed for years and which helped build their political careers and reputations.

Interestingly (to me anyway) is that Kennedy rails against Fauci’s dismissal of anyone who stands in the way of his vaccination push as “vaccine deniers” and “science deniers” etc. Here’s where the irony kicks in, as I would bet Kennedy himself would have no problems condemning those who question the cult of global warming with the very same caustic rhetoric.  There are certainly hints of this in the book.  It’s classic Gell-Mann Amnesia. [ii]  As a “sound” Democrat, he simply cannot extrapolate the terrible behaviour that he sees in Big Pharma, governments and the billionaire oligarchy to global warming/renewable energy activists, lobbyists and rent-seekers. He cannot admit that they employ exactly the same techniques. Kennedy’s political affiliations are worth keeping in mind, particularly when he talks about the presidents Bush, President Trump or, indeed, President Obama.

Thirdly, if ever you wanted a case study of the Deep State and how it works, how long it has been active and, in particular, why President Trump never had a hope , well this is the book.

Here is a quick example, a tiny extract  that demonstrates just how trapped Trump became in the advice and counsel of his “independent” health advisors.   I present this as just one page out of 450 similarly explosive pages (emphasis added):

Many Americans will recognise (Dr) Redfield as Donald Trump’s CDC (Centre for Disease Control) Director during the 2020 COVID pandemic. Dr Redfield and his faithful sidekick, Dr Deborah Birx, both served with Dr Fauci on Trump’s Coronavirus task force … US Military documents show that in 1992 Redfield and Birx, his then-assistant … published inaccurate data in the New England Journal of Medicine claiming that an HIV vaccine they helped develop and tested on Walter Reed patients was effective. They both must have known the vaccine was worthless.

In 1992 an Air Force medical office accused Redfield of engaging in “a systematic pattern of data manipulation, inappropriate statistical analyses and misleading data presentation in an apparent attempt to promote the usefulness of the GP160 AIDS vaccine”. A specially convened Air force Tribunal on scientific fraud and misconduct recommended investigation by a “fully independent outside investigative body.”…

Under threat of court-marshal, loss of his medical licence and possible imprisonment, Dr Redfield confessed to angry DOD interrogators and to the tribunal that his analyses were faulty and deceptive.  He agreed to correct them and to publicly admit the vaccine was worthless at an upcoming AIDS conference at which he was scheduled to speak in July 1992…

Instead of retracting his falsehood, he boldly repeated his fraudulent claims at this and two subsequent international conferences. As astonished prosecutors watched, he (Redfield) then brazenly parroted his debunked perjuries before Congress swearing that his vaccine cured HIV.

Redfield’s bold gambit worked. Bamboozled by Redfield’s brazen ballyhoo, Congress immediately appropriated $20 million to the military to support Redfield and Birx’s research project … The bold flim-flam catapulted Birx and Redfield into their stellar careers as top federal health officials.”          [iii]

But then, of course, as Kennedy documents in exquisite detail, compared to Fauci, Redfield and Birx were pillars of virtue on Trump’s COVID advisory panel!

The first part of the book understandably deals with the relatively recent past and the current situation with respect to COVID. He covers in detail the insider story of the crushing death of alternative treatments – ivermectin and hydrochloroquine – a necessary prerequisite to the promotion of Fauci’s own (lucrative) solutions of Remdesivir and, of course, the vaccines. 

But Kennedy puts COVID into its proper perspective as a tool as much as a virus — a very powerful tool, but also a means to an end. A large part of the book is devoted to the historical background behind the development of the strategy that one sees played out during the current crisis, the strategy behind the development of the virus-as-tool and the development of its means of use. 

There is, for example, Fauci’s involvement in 30 years of failed AIDS vaccine research. Failed, as Kennedy points out, with respect to the production of an AIDS vaccine, but highly successful against the metric of increased earnings and influence enjoyed by Fauci and Big Pharma.  In our era of post-modern science that is all that really matters. It adds a whole new chapter to my thesis on the development of po-mo science. (see “Trofim Lysenko looks down and smiles,” Quadrant Online, January 2021.   [iv])

Kennedy devotes a thick section to detailing various and appalling trials of vaccines in the Third World (mainly Africa). These have been nothing less than monstrous, if Kennedy is to be believed, and there seems little reason not to take him at his word given that the US is thickly populated with lawyers who would happily make hay if he is wrong in any detail. And there is quite an unexpectedly large and detailed chunk of the book devoted to Bill and Melinda Gates who, aided and abetted by Fauci, are accused of having “captured” the World Health Organisation, hi-jacking its agenda and using it as a public enforcer against uncooperative governments. 

A lot of this was already shadowy information in the public domain, filed by the mainstream media under the heading of “conspiracy theory.” Pretty much the only references you will ever find is in the denials of media and social media fact-checkers. But in this book it is all so well documented that, in the absence of direct and specific refutations by the named protagonists, what Kennedy lays out can be graced with the recognised status of established fact.

What was completely unexpected in the book, to me anyway, was the detailed allegations, including the naming of names, concerning the role of the CIA and military intelligence services in the lead-up to the COVID pandemic. Kennedy provides some pretty convincing smoking gun links implicating the US intelligence community in the development of COVID vaccine policy. He writes:

Dark Winter, Atlantic Storm and Global Mercury were only three of over a dozen Germ Games (‘War Game’ simulations)  staged by the military, medical, and intelligence planners leading up to COVID-19. Each of these Kafkaesque exercises became uncanny predictors of a dystopian age that pandemic planners dubbed the ‘New Normal’.

The consistent feature is an affinity among the simulation designers for militarizing medicine and introducing centralized autocratic government. Each rehearsal ends with the same grim punchline: the global pandemic is an excuse to justify the imposition of tyranny and coerced vaccination. The repetition of these exercises suggests that they serve as a kind of rehearsal or training drill for an underlying agenda to coordinate the global dismantlement of democratic governance.  [v]

Virtually all of the scenario planning for pandemics employs technical assumptions and strategies familiar to anyone who has read the CIA’s notorious psychological warfare manuals for shattering indigenous societies, obliterating traditional economics and social bonds, for using imposed isolation and the demolition of traditional economies to crush resistance, to foster chaos, demoralization, dependence and fear, and for imposing centralized and autocratic governance.

In particular, the exercises incorporate psych-op techniques gleaned from the notorious ‘Milgram Obedience Experiments’. In those 1960s exercises, Yale social psychology professor Dr Stanley Milgram was able to show that researchers could formulaically manipulate ‘ordinary citizens’ from all walks of life to violate their own conscience and commit atrocities, so long as an authority figure (a doctor in a white lab coat) ordered them to do so.  [vi] [vii]  

Milgram’s 1963 experiment was designed to test just how far an authority figure could manipulate his subjects to act against their consciences by instructing them to administer what they were led to believe were increasingly heavy electric shocks to fellow subjects. Its underlying purpose was to examine the plausibility of justifications for acts of genocide offered by many of the accused at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials. The accuseds’ defense was often based on simple “obedience” — they were ‘just following orders’ from their superiors, as so many claimed.  Milgram’s experiments demonstrated just how easy that actually was, for someone who represents authority to obtain compliance. [viii]

For my money, the question is how close is the collective hand of medical and political cadres, from the Prime Minister to the premiers and down to the most ridiculous of the states’ chief health officers (of which there is no shortage), to flicking the 450-volt switch on their control boards?  Just what level of “obedience” have they reached? How much further do their ambitions extend?




[iii]  “The Real Anthony Fauci – Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”   (Page 281)

[iv]  Published in Quadrant Online in January, 2021.   “Trofim Lysenko looks down and smiles.”

[v]The Real Anthony Fauci – Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”   Page 404.

[vi]The Real Anthony Fauci – Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”   Page 405




17 thoughts on “Doctor Fauci and the Fear Factor

  • John Wetherall says:

    May I urge a degree of caution with this article. RF Kennedy has many skills. I may find time to enlarge my comment.

  • Stephen Due says:

    Robert F. Kennedy Jnr. is Chairman of the Board and Senior Prosecuting Attorney for Children’s Health Defense, a powerful U.S. anti-vax lobby group. His broad thesis, tirelessly pursued over many years, is that childhood vaccinations are the cause of the current epidemic of autism and other chronic diseases in the U.S. population. His arguments are persuasive and not easily dismissed.
    He is one of many expert commentators, the majority of whom are not (N.B.) part of the established anti-vax movement, who have uncovered widespread evidence of scientific fraud and medical malfeasance with regard to the Covid vaccines. Their evidence finds its context in extensive revelations of covert operations behind the military-style interventions that have characterised the global pandemic response, and the extraordinary obsession with vaccines as the only ‘way out’. .
    It is the powerful globalist movement – in which the key players are Big Pharma, Big Tech, giant investment firms like Vanguard and Blackrock, and vastly wealthy individuals like Bill Gates – that forms the main political force in the Covid pandemic drama. Traditional political alliances (Left/Right, Democrat/Republican) are not relevant in this situation.
    An excellent introduction to this book (which is only one of many exposing Fauci and the globalist agenda behind the pandemic) is given by Kennedy himself in this interview with the brilliant Dr. Joseph Mercola:
    In addition to reading the text it is worth watching the embedded video, which gives a good idea of the integrity, commitment and intellectual capacity that Kennedy and his organisation bring to the anti-vaccine movement in general and the current pandemic in particular.

  • Alistair says:

    Stephen Due – A very good synopsis to Kennedy’s historical work. I take great stock from the fact that this book names names and pulls no punches which makes me feel very confident that, since he is a highly experienced lawyer, he is confident that he is in command of the facts and can defend all of his conclusions in a court of law. The fact that none of the parties or individuals named have said anything speaks volumes!

  • ArthurB says:

    I haven’t read this book yet, from the reviews that I have seen it has been well received, and has sold well via Amazon.

    An American website has published Kennedy’s Introduction to his book, I attach the link here. Many people, including some in Australia, think that Fauci is a hero for his role in the pandemic, other people think he is the villain, and responsible for the failings of the American health care system.

  • rosross says:

    Beyond war games, what Robert Kennedy addresses is the clear and present danger from modern science-medicine, particularly in regard to vaccines, which have cult form. To question vaccines or even Covid genetic treatments which are not vaccines but gene therapy, is akin to someone questioning the Virgin Birth in the Middle Ages. Some things do not change and human nature is one of them.

    Any reading of the history of infectious disease in particular makes it very clear that by the time vaccination campaigns began, they were not needed, but they were carried out all the same. Government records clearly detail a decline in incidence and a flatlining in mortality long before vaccines were available. This applied to all diseases but let us look at Measles.

    Lawrence Solomon details this in an article written a couple of years ago –

    Early in the last century, measles killed millions of people a year. Then, bit by bit in countries of the developed world, the death rate dropped, by the 1960s by 98% or more. In the U.K., it dropped by an astounding 99.96%. And then, the measles vaccine entered the market.
    Several decades following the vaccine’s introduction, the measles death rate rose, largely because the vaccine made adults, expectant mothers and infants more vulnerable

    I recall reading a top American medical expert, saying, when confronted with the reality that no vaccines were needed for Measles, something along the lines of, it is like Everest, it is there so we climb it and we will use vaccines because we can. Completely ignoring the fact they were totally unnecessary and who knows what medical meddling might do to the human organism.

    One of Australia’s greatest scientist/Physicians voiced concern about future outcomes if too much reliance was placed on vaccination. Macfarlane Burnet, Nobel Prize laureate for immunology, suggested over half a century ago that genetics, nutrition, psychological and environmental factors (ecological medicine) may play a more important role in resistance to disease than the assumed benefits of artificial immunity induced by vaccination procedures (Burnet 1952 p106).

    He suggested that in years to come society may have to reassess the belief scientists were placing in vaccination. He considered that genetic deterioration of the population may be a consequence of universal mass vaccination campaigns and he postulated that ‘some of our modern successes in preventative and curative medicine may on the longest view be against the best interests of the state’ (Burnet 1952 p107).

    Burnet (1952) believed that genetic constitution was the most important hidden variable in disease statistics. Gilbert (2004) reinforces this theory with a new definition of environmental health that emphasises the importance of genetic potential to health outcomes from environmental hazards. This is described in chapter 2. It is possible that the genetics and health of the population are at risk if these factors are not considered in the preventative strategies that are adopted in the control of infectious diseases. Burnet FM. 1952. The Pattern of Disease in Childhood. Australasian Annals of Medicine. 1: 2: pp93-107.

    He was of course ignored as vaccinology presented opportunities for power and profit which the Pharma Industry was determined to have, and which gave greater standing to scientists and doctors claiming they were saving the world.

    As so often happens, they may well be instrumental in damaging if not destroying human health and compromising the future of humanity. The fact is we do not know because those pushing vaccination refuse to do the one study which would settle the issue once and for all – comparing health and disease in fully, partially and non-vaccinated children and adults. They say such a study would be unethical which is a total betrayal of good science and safe medicine.

  • Dallas Beaufort says:

    Ordered the Book from Booktopia, Alas the order rate here in Australia has a slow take up rate and the delivery date is 120 days, plus.

  • Lawrie Ayres says:

    Considering that much of what he has written and spoken about has been borne out over the past two years. Even though masks have been made optional in many areas the number of people still wearing them whilst driving and walking around is proof that some folk are easily led and are easily brainwashed. As a community we have been lied to consistently, Masks through which the virus can easily pass even if worn properly let alone under the nose or around the chin proves they were not a medical necessity. Banning outdoor exercise including golf and surfing had to be the greatest joke. Andrews must have laughed himself silly every night at the compliant masses. Banning two effective drugs so that Fauci and his pharma mates could sell billions of doses of a vaccine that does not work with two shots and probably will not with three. Morrison said vaccines were optional but then allowed states and companies to make them a requirement for work and entertainment. Another joke at our expense. The Queensland premier ruins the tourist industry but is voted back in because the sheeple believe she saved them. Robert Kennedy is on the money and everything he says is true. It remains to be seen if there are sufficient skeptical conservatives out there to overthrow the wannabe dictators and their bureaucrat handlers.

  • ianl says:

    >” How much further do their [medical/political powerlusters] ambitions extend?”

    Chant’s repetitive use of the phrase “New World Order” plus her now ongoing public campaign in NSW to force Perrottet to reverse the current deregulation answers that. And not at all unpredicted …

  • Katzenjammer says:

    The really scary part – the initial experiment in using world wide hysterical fear to generate universal submission has been tested over a brief two year period. Those conducting this experimental test run can now estimate the proportion of the population of so called ‘enlightened western” states who are easy to conscript as willing puppets, as a complient citizen militia to bring the others in line by moralistic shaming and shunning. The related test in restricting information had already been tested during what will be recorded in future global imperial histories as the minor Trump era error.

  • exuberan says:

    Dallas, Get an Ereader, I downloaded the book for $14.95 from Audiobook a few days back. Took all of 10 minutes

  • ianl says:



    And withholding information from the public is a world-wide trait of authoritarians (political/medical/legal). Transparency and accountability are slogans, meaningless to these people, with which to garner gullible votes. FOI is reduced now to completely censored replies, empty of any information, plus a large invoice for the bureaucratic efforts in supplying them.

    [I enjoyed the Katzenjammer Kids comic strip. Shows my age, doesn’t it ?]

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    I do draw comfort from the fact that, the further things have gone, the more people seem to have turned against this wickedness. Last year, one of my best friends agreed that the government had gone too far in its restrictions, but that it had to do something. Now, she has quit her job rather than get the jab, and is disappointed in family and friends who have gotten it (she’s 24 and ended her entire planned career path). Ordinary people who previously had no interest in politics are informing themselves about what is going on and even joining RDA groups.
    Then, of course, there are those who have gotten the jab because they felt that they had to, but are disgusted about the coercion–or were willing to get the initial two, but are adamant that they will not continue with boosters. Another friend, a nurse who initially believed in the jab, now wishes that she had not gotten it and has quit rather than get the boosters. The number of those opposed to the tyranny are surely far bigger than the number of the unvaxxed–as evidenced by all those protestsers who have gotten the jab but are speaking out against the tyranny.

  • Phillip says:

    Robert Kennedy Jr proves the current dilemma has very little to do with health, medicine or science.
    It is about political fear and a pursuit to control those who believe they need a government to tell them how to think and how to limit their freedoms. And it will not stop until the people stop getting the poison and stop wearing diapers on their face.
    It is an astonishment to see the majority of sheep like people, who, when the air is fresh and clean (no exploding volcanoes spewing sulphuric ash) and someone in SE Qld sneezes and then Anna tells the whole state population to wear masks and then they do ???!!! Next week if Anna says ‘OK we all now have to wear yellow pants’, I’m pretty confident those same mindless people will do just that.

    I refer to a recent meme and I quote;
    “You’ve got your two shots,
    You’ve got your two boosters,
    You’re double masked and yet nothing has changed,
    How stupid do you feel?
    You don’t feel stupid at all !?
    Because you are Stupid. “

  • Peter Bannister says:

    Rebekah Meredith: I follow your every word. I was, I thought, determined not to have the second jab. Pressure was applied on the church I go to by our Northern Territory government. For the sake of a quiet life I gave in. Now with severe arthritis I cannot believe my stupidity, I think the arthritis, which we all know is an auto-immune disease, is slowly getting better. Need I say, no more boosters of unproven vaccines for me.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Peter Bannister: There seems to be almost nothing in news coverage about the the NT; it might almost not exist. Have churches there been told that they the unjabbed are not allowed to attend? In addition to my concern for the rest of the country, what happens to you is likely to happen here in WA when the next outbreak–which even crush-and-kill-the-virus, zero-covid Chairman Mark now admits is inevitable–comes.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    If what I’ve been reading about there never having been a full isolation of the virus causing the covid-19 flu like symptons is true and is therefore,technically, unidentifiable, and very many if not most cases are asymptomatic, and also that the Polymerase Chain Reaction ( PCR) test does not definitively confirm an actual illness, the scene seems to be set perfectly to either ramp up or defuse the whole business when the time is right. All that is needed is for the PCR test to be quietly shelved or changed and the virus could immediately start to disappear, as asymptomatic case numbers, almost miraculously, plummeted. This could then leave the field open to the authorities & vaccine manufacturers to claim a great victory ? It’s just a musing thought of course.

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