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The Lockdowns’ Slow Throttling of Hope and Joy

No wonder, according to mental health experts, more and more Victorians are suffering a hidden epidemic  of anxiety, self-harm and depression.  As a result of forced lockdowns,  more and more people feel lonely, isolated and adrift in a world devoid of human contact, companionship and affection.

As reported by the Victorian Agency for Health Information young people 18-24 are especially at risk with a statistically significant increase since lockdowns began early last year of self-harm and thoughts about suicide.  Victoria holds the record of over 200 days incarcerated at home.

Every day, in the papers, on radio and TV and on the internet citizens are bombarded with infection rates, hospitalisations, numbers quarantined and the percentage of the population vaccinated.

At the same time Dictator Dan and health officials including CMO Brett Sutton spread a tidal wave of fear and anxiety, variously describing the virus as a deadly, silent and invisible beast ready to strike a vulnerable, helpless public at any time.

Organisations like Beyond Blue and Kids Helpline are recording ever-increasing rates of daily calls seeking help. Beyond Blue’s Georgie Harmon warns “The pandemic is having an impact on those already living with mental health issues and people who have never struggled before”.

What’s to be done?  In his 1933 presidential speech Franklin D Roosevelt declared to the American people suffering the hardship and poverty of the Great Depression “let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is … fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance”.

Instead of Premier Andrews instilling fear as a way to ensure compliance, far better, like a true statesman, to encourage and motivate people by offering the positive message that not all is bleak and hopeless.  A message, while acknowledging suffering, that embodies resilience and optimism. Instead, Victorians get the treatment meted out in the video clip below, shot today (August 31) in what not so long ago was billed as the world’s most liveable city.


As a young boy Andrews used to accompany his dad, who sold produce at the Victoria Market.  Well its past time  for the Premier to rediscover what it means to run a business, ever fearful of not making a profit, and to appreciate the hard work and toil required just to make ends meet.

While politicians and public servants live a closeted, secure life with incomes guaranteed no matter how many days the state is forced into lockdown businesses, restaurateurs, publicans and those depending on tourism face bankruptcy.

It’s time for people to be told the hard, cold truth: the China virus will continue to mutate and spread, even when 70 to 80 per cent are vaccinated. COVID isn’t going away, nor can it be driven off. Like the flu and pneumonia, which claimed 4,124 died in 2019, it’s inevitable. Deaths will occur but life must be allowed to go on.

Dr Kevin Donnelly is a Melbourne-based conservative author and commentator.  His latest book Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March is available at

9 thoughts on “The Lockdowns’ Slow Throttling of Hope and Joy

  • March says:

    NSW also affected by these joy sucking dementors.

  • pgang says:

    Thanks for bringing the video to our attention Kevin. It’s truly disturbing. Monica’s website is completely harmless.

  • pgang says:

    Are you in Victoria Roger Franklin? I hope not.

  • Ceres says:

    Well said Kevin. Your last paragraph sums the whole situation up.
    Monica was not expecting the cop ambush arrest. They’re targeting those whose views are objectionable. Lesson is don’t put your window down too far so that the brazen cop can immediately grab your live streaming mobile phone.

  • jmperry2010 says:

    And what of the non-Covid vaxxed people? It smells very strongly of coercion – “If you do not have your jab, you will be punished by having to stay in your cave and not participate in society”. No thought to the mental health impact of that. People will comply through coercion, not through free choice. And those who are vaxxed will proudly wear their paper hats, thinking that somehow, keeping someone else ostracised makes them “safer”.

  • Stephen says:

    I live in Melbourne and am currently locked down under the 5K rule. The two postcodes I can walk in for exercise and shopping do not have a single case at the moment and also have no current hotspots. In Victoria at the moment (see )we have some 841 cases. Now the real number is liable to be a great deal higher than that because this number is for people presenting for testing. So those who have very mild symptoms or are asymptomatic are not included in the count. Now out of all of these people who currently have this disease about 54 are in hospital, about 6.5%. Of these about 15 are on a respirator, about 1.8%. I don’t have an exact figure but I think so far Victoria has had two deaths in this lockdown period.
    To put this in some perspective, Australian had over 4,000 deaths in 2019 from seasonal flu. Actual deaths, not “cases” or “hospitalisations”.
    I’m 70 with a heart condition comorbidity. I’ve had both AZ vaccinations. I’m prepared to continue with some sensible precautions to protect myself including booster shots and indoor masks.
    Now I’m not a medical expert but it seems to me that Covid is already something that we will just have to live with. It doesn’t actually seam to be very dangerous to fit, healthy people. Even less so to the vaccinated.
    From now on we should stop bothering to publish case counts because they can never be accurate and aren’t really relevant.
    Hospitalisations and deaths are the things worth counting. These numbers are low and, the vulnerable, like me, know who we are.
    It’s time for the lockdowns to cease.

  • pgang says:

    The Babylon Bee have captured the moment, as always, with this headline:
    Your Freedom Is Not More Important Than My Fear Of Your Freedom

  • rod.stuart says:

    The tactics outlined herein are well worth consideration. How could this be organised despite the censorship of social media?

  • Daffy says:

    Fear drives media, media drives politicians. Yet, instead of quelling the fear, they fan its flames. Thus the urge to vaccinate, despite the illness being mainly harmless. So, we are not told death rates by age band, yet they are easily available, we are not told the morbidity profiles of those who do die. We are hoping that no one will die, ever. Naturally. But we all will, of something. Is keeping me alive worth wrecking the lives of those who will outlive me? I think not. Such would be a fool’s errand. QED.

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