Bill Muehlenberg

Those Coercive Utopians Are At it Again

Amongst the favourite terms blithely thrown around by the various radical social activist groups are “tolerance,” “acceptance,” “inclusion,” and “love”. Sounds pretty good. But the rhetoric seldom matches the reality with these groups. They are all about sweetness and light – until someone dares to cross them. Then the real deal breaks forth.

There are many examples of this, but consider one emanating from one of the world’s leading activist bodies: the European Union. The EU is at the forefront of coercive utopianism, forcing its PC agenda on one and all. It is a leading body working for anti-family, anti-life and anti-faith activities.

Just recently it has made clear how it deals with anyone who dares to stand against this social engineering. One EU group has called for the end of financial aid to Nigeria, because it has so horribly crossed the line.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, and it is wracked with poverty, disease and environmental degradation. Yet an EU Intergroup wants all foreign aid to this needy country suspended because of its crimes against humanity.

So what is this gross sin that Nigeria is guilty of that is bringing about such a strong backlash from European social engineers? Remember, we are not talking about Zimbabwe and its ruthless dictator here. We are talking about Nigeria. So what horrendous crimes are they guilty of?

Well, it turns out those unenlightened savages in Nigeria actually voted to keep marriage between one man and one woman. Yes I know that sounds too shocking and incredible to be true, but it is. As one media account says, Nigeria’s “House of Representatives voted to prohibit attempts to create legal ‘gay marriage.’ The Nigerian vote was unanimous this week in favour of a bill that ‘prohibits marriage between persons of same gender, solemnisation of same and other matters related therewith’.”

Gee, that really is terrible, isn’t it? Even Zimbabwe seems like a civilised nation compared with this Nigerian abomination. Imagine actually saying that marriage is about two different sexes, not just one. What will they argue for next? The sanctity of human life? Wow, those folks sure need some civilising influence.

So because of this horrific sin, the EU homosexual rights group wants the nation to be punished – and big time. Let them starve. Let them die of diseases. Let their country go to the dogs. That is the only just and fair punishment such a recalcitrant nation can expect from the tolerant and loving homosexual activists.

Michael Cashman, Labour MEP, and President of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual Intergroup said, “The only result this law is going to achieve is a raising hatred against gay, lesbian and transgender citizens of Nigeria.”

But one Nigerian representative, Igo Aguma, defended his nation with these remarks: “It is time for us at this point in time to think back and look at the scourge of HIV/AIDS. The greatest means of transmitting this disease is through the act of sodomy. Young children are already victims of been lured into this cruel and unimaginable act. It is an act of perversion.”

So there you have it – a clash of worldviews. In the one corner are the “enlightened” Europeans who are still into colonialism and imperialism it seems. They want poor ignorant savages in the Third World to bow to their wisdom and their “ethics”.

They must embrace the homosexual agenda or else. In this case, let them starve to death. They obviously deserve it for daring to resist the homosexual juggernaut and its assault on the world. If these creatures will not embrace the radical social agenda of the EU, then let them all rot in hell.

In the other corner is a beleaguered African nation trying to find its way, and trying to fight the scourge of AIDS. Yet they are being bullied into making conditions worse, resulting in more AIDS deaths. Strange, but where are all these bleeding heart lefties when you need them? They are usually the ones defending the Third World and railing against the West and its imperialistic designs. Now they seem silent.

This is what we are up against. We have radical activist groups who are working overtime in promoting their destructive social engineering. They do it of course in the name of tolerance and inclusion. But if anyone dares to think differently, they will experience the full wrath of these militant activists.

What is happening in the EU is happening around the Western world, as the forces of Political Correctness continue to increase their power and their belligerency. This is the real face of militant activism. It is the same ugly face we find for example in California where Christians and churches are being attacked by homosexual activists because of the state’s Proposition 8, which bans homosexual marriage

Such coercive utopianism will undoubtedly continue to grow worse. Indeed, now that that Messiah has been enthroned in the White House, we can expect to see far more of this militant social engineering. And what we see will not look very pretty.

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