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Quadrant’s new editor

Seriously, I’m going to complain to someone. Quadrant has appointed a new editor and no one bothered to tell me.

The first I heard was when the ABC, that’s Australia’s taxpayer funded national broadcaster, was reporting on a media inquiry which has something to do with accuracy in reporting.

Anyway, who is this Robert Mann [sic] and when did he take over? And what happened to Keith?

The Full Story

Media inquiry hearings begin

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Well one of the first to be called to make a submission this morning was the professor of politics at the La Trobe University, Robert Mann. Professor Mann is a regular commentator in the media and attracted quite a bit of attention with an article he recently published in the journal Quadrant, which he edits.

He argued in that piece that it’s indefensible that one company, News Limited, owns 70 per cent of the newspapers circulating in Australia. He said it was a laughable situation.

Source: The World Today

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