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Michael Smith abducted by aliens?

Michael Smith has disappeared from view – Should we blame aliens or our government?

Radio announcer Michael Smith was suspended from Fairfax owned 2UE and is being asked to sign a legal gag not to comment on an interview he recorded with Bob Kernohan, former president of the Australian Workers Union. The banned interview drew attention to the activities of Julia Gillard in the 1990s and also named individuals who Kernohan claimed had attempted to buy his silence in matters relating to union activities. The bribes included a safe Labor seat.

The treatment of Smith has received scant attention. Fairfax newspapers have gone silent and in The Australian yesterday Michael Bodey said:

Smith hurt his own cause when he told The Australian on Thursday: "This country’s pretty screwed up if decent, working people can’t turn to a free and open media to have their say."

Fairfax head of radio Graham Mott would not comment on the ramifications of that statement. He said he would meet Smith today "to discuss the past week and how we can move forward".

If the Washington Post had suspended Woodward and Bernstein before getting them to sign a gag order the history of modern America may have been quite different.

As free speech is being destroyed before us journalists and opinion writers (with few exceptions) are ignoring the silencing of Smith. In fact, the ABC’s Media Watch last week led the attack against him and may have influenced the actions of Faifax management.

Michael Bodey’s report summed up the don’t want to know attitude of the MSM:

Smith’s credibility was hurt by Media Watch’s criticism last Monday of his dogged behaviour concerning previously discredited claims.

That the media is sitting by as a journalist is silenced and going along with the claim that the matters he dealt with have all been answered in the past, when they obviously have not, is extraordinary and disquieting.

The unauthorised bio of Gillard disappeared without a trace (aliens again?). Is pressure being applied behind the scenes? Even without it what is happening to Michael Smith is another front in the Left’s war on freedom of speech in this country.

Elsewhere, the unions are being discussed and the HSU is being investigated for corruption by the police. Much attention is being given to how union money has been spent by certain individuals. It’s very interesting but what is missing are the names of the individuals who received that sometimes questionable hospitality.

Who received the full benefits of the HSU’s credit card largesse? Possibly employers, surely other union officials and politicians, and perhaps even journalists. Union members who paid for this, and the public, have a right to know who was treated and what they received – and how they returned the favours.

Meanwhile, 2UE is supplying replacement announcers and, despite calls from listeners, not commenting on the matter. Michael may as well have been abducted by aliens.

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