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Crikey’s super-plot

Crikey journalist Andrew Crook has invented a complicated plot against Justice “Mordy” Bromberg if the judge finds against Andrew Bolt in the Federal Court case he is hearing:

Crikey understands Bolt and his allies at The Australian’s Nationwide News edifice are preparing to go to war against Bromberg in the event of a negative outcome, a war that will also include the nine fair-skinned Aborigines that brought the case and the former federal MP that introduced the changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

As part of the Crook Crikey plot we get a mention:

In some conservative quarters the floodgates have already opened. A recent Quadrant article by Michael Connor noted the Bromberg preselection bid, but added that because the case was still before the court he couldn’t draw any obvious conclusions.

(Floodgates? Oh, Andrew.) In my article I mentioned Justice Bromberg when I described the people taking part in the trial: "Judge Bromberg had been a St Kilda football player and had previously stood, unsuccessfully, for pre-selection as an ALP candidate."

And in my very last line I wrote of the case as a whole: "Until the matter is decided, discussion of this case is necessarily constrained." Nothing to do with Bromberg, and a lot to do with poor journalism and a typical Crikey beat-up.

Interestingly, Crook writes “Bromberg’s judgement in the Bolt case is due to be handed down within days.” Who was the source for that? No date has yet been announced. 


Andrew Crook, “First shots: Bolt attacks ‘Left-wing judges’ as News rallies troops” in Crikey Daily Mail

Michael Connor, “Andrew Bolt on Trial” in Quadrant

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