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Andrew Bolt wrote this and this… 

Larissa Behrendt wrote this:

Paddy Gibson wrote this:

@LarissaBehrendt @rhiannapatrick ha! Being offensive pays. BessP and her white husband make a $packet$ doing ‘cultural awareness’ for NTER 4:12 PM Apr 11th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to LarissaBehrendt 

John Birmingham wrote this:

The punitive powers of the law are inappropriate responses to his [Andrew Bolt’s] witless jabbering. We call upon the Law to save us from genuine threats. The appropriate response to Bolt is disdain and mockery and the poking of his readership with sharp sticks in their yellow, suppurating eyeballs.


Literary Prizes

Andrew Bolt is on trial under the Racial Discrimination Act. 

Larissa Behrendt (NSW 2010 Australian of the Year) has just been appointed head of the Gillard government’s review of indigenous higher education. 

Paddy Gibson remains with the Jumbunna centre at the University of Technology Sydney.

John Birmingham continues to publish in the Sydney Morning Hatred

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