Michael Connor

Rudd’s China Day speech

Breaking with tradition, Kevin Rudd (the Little Helmsman) delivered his China Day remarks, on the state of the Australian colony, in English.

Following China’s course: “As we enter this decade, it’s a good time to take stock, having charted a course through the global economic crisis, to consider the long-term challenges that lie ahead, including: the deep structural challenge of an ageing population and its implications for our economy and society, the enormous economic and environmental challenge of climate change, and the challenge of building our national and economic security in an increasingly competitive world, one that does not owe us a living.”

Rudd promises Great Leap Forward: “Unless we make big changes, we will either generate large, unsustainable budget deficits into the second quarter of the century, or we’ll need to reduce government services, including health services, as the needs of an ageing population become greater.”

Introducing Rudd’s one child, ten migrants policy: “With lower fertility rates and stable migration ratios, population policy will on present trends at best make a marginal contribution to the challenge of an ageing population.”

Keeping China’s investments profitable: “We must make this the decade of opportunities seized, not of opportunities squandered. We face formidable challenges, but Australians have the capacity, the resilience and the spirit to rise to each one, and together to build Australia’s future [as a Chinese colony].”

Source: The Australian

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