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Menzies House has opened

Menzies House, a shiny new and wildly enthusiastic website for “conservative, libertarian and centre-right thinkers” has just opened its doors. A welcome addition to the Australian internet world.

From the media release:

The user-driven website will feature opinion articles from high-profile politicians, academics, industry professionals and everyday readers of the site.

Following in the tradition of Sir Robert Menzies’ political legacy, Menzies House is a ‘broad church’ catering to mainstream centre-right thinkers in Australia.

Menzies House has been modelled on successful overseas websites including conservativehome.com in the UK and redstate.com in the USA.

“Our aim is to encourage Australians who broadly share our views on the world to visit our website and see what other like-minded people are talking about,” said Chris Browne, Editor-in-Chief of Menzies House.

“As a user-driven website, we encourage our readers to pen their opinions on issues that are important to them and promote their views through our website.

“However, while we support and encourage debate, socialists, Marxists or people wearing ‘Che Guevara’ shirts aren’t in our target market.

“We instead cater for those who acknowledge that the concepts of freedom, individuality and capitalism are central to a prosperous nation and society.

“I would like to encourage all politically aware Australians to visit www.menzieshouse.com.au and see what other mainstream Australians are saying and thinking about contemporary issues.”


Visit Menzies House here

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