Michael Connor

Obama and Muslim apostasy

What will happen when a death fatwa issues from a cave, or from Tehran, against Barack Hussein Obama, for apostasy?

Obama, who hid his Muslim ancestry from public scrutiny before the 2008 election, has recently said: “I am a Christian. But my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims.”

This soft-Left White House script for toleration may have been intended to play as a Hollywood popcorn, first-family saga but it won’t give Muslim extremists, down in hometown Islamville, correspondingly warm ‘n fuzzy feelings. With the same fascist mentality that saw Christian Jews loaded into cattle trucks destined for Auschwitz, it throws Obama into their irrational world as an apostate.

Having a single Muslim parent makes him, for Ahmadinejad, a Muslim: not following the Muslim religion makes him, for Ahmadinejad, an apostate.

If an Ahmadinejad sponsored apostasy law had been passed in 2008, Obama may already have been targeted for murder by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Amir Taheri, The Persian Night: Iran under the Khomeinist Revolution, Encounter Books (New York, 2009), pages 344 – 345:

In January 2008, Ahmadinejad vowed to ‘root out this new Christianity’ in Iran. Soon he presented a draft law to the Islamic Majlis based on the text by [Muhammad] Khatami, but adding tougher punishment for apostates. The new text describes the act of abandoning Islam, whether for the purpose of converting to another religion or simply living with no religion at all, as ‘a crime against the security of the Islamic state.’ Those found guilty of apostasy would become ‘Corrupters on Earth’ (Mufsed fil Ardh) and thus punishable by the Islamic hadd (limit), which means capital punishment. By June 2008, the text had not yet been enacted in law, and there was a chance that it would not be, as the new Majlis elected in March was not bound to adopt the legislative program set by Ahmadinejad for the previous parliament.

If adopted, the text under its Article 112 could expose anyone, whether of Iranian origin or not, who abandons Islam anywhere in the world to death fatwas issued from Tehran. Anyone born even with a single Muslim parent, grandparent or ancestor is automatically considered as Muslim and forbidden to change his or her faith. The proposed law also creates a new crime under the title ‘Insulting the Prophet’ (Sibb al-Nabi), which would also be punishable by death. This law would officially sentence Rushdie to death once again, along with the Danish cartoonists of Prophet Muhammad. The new draft is especially dangerous for Baha’is of Iranian origin because all of them had Muslim grandparents or ancestors.

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