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The academic publishing game

Early in 2008 a book was published by academic Dr Ian McFarlane, Beyond Awakening, The Aboriginal Tribes of North West Tasmania: A History. It was launched by Henry Reynolds.

The book appeared in a series called "Studies in the History of Aboriginal Tasmania." The series editor is Henry Reynolds.

The foreword to the book was written by Henry Reynolds.

The book is based on McFarlane’s University of Tasmania 2002 PhD thesis. The thesis was directed by Henry Reynolds.

The book adds a few new swipes at Keith Windschuttle to the original PhD text and faithfully follows the Henry Reynolds’ Authorised Version of History.

McFarlane’s book was jointly published by –

a Tasmanian bookshop,

Riawunna (the University of Tasmania department where McFarlane lectures) – Henry Reynolds is the Chair,

the Community, Place and Heritage Research Unit at the University of Tasmania – Director Henry Reynolds.

I thought you might be interested in a book to avoid, a practical lesson in how to get published, and a case study in thought control.

Note: John Izzard’s review of Beyond Awakening was published Quadrant,  December 2008

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