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The ASIO tapes – Terry Dix

SUBJECT: Terry Dix is the host of a television current affairs program. He is the brother of the noted Fairfax journalist Dorothy Dix. Although it is said that Dix is an Anchor-For-Life this is not true – it just feels like it.


Late 2007 Terry Dix interviews Prime Minister John Howard.

DIX: Prime Minister welcome to the program.

HOWARD: Thank you Ter…

DIX: How do you explain the appalling behaviour of your government?

HOWARD: Well Ter…

DIX: People say this is the worst government since the last Liberal government. Would you care to comment?

HOWARD: Well Ter…

DIX: We have run out of time. Thank you Prime Minister. Today Prime Minster elect, or soon to be elected (chuckles) Kevin Rudd said …

Late 2008 Terry Dix interviews Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

DIX: Prime Minister welcome to the program.

RUDD: Ching chong.

DIX: Oh well said Prime Minister. So, how does it feel to be the most popular prime minister in the history of my program?

RUDD: Ching chong, ching chong, ching chong. Chong ching?

DIX: That is very difficult to answer. I suppose it must be that my program maintains its undoubted leadership because of my research and ability to ask the tough questions.

RUDD: Chong ching?

DIX: That’s absolutely right. I have been passed over in the last twenty years or so by mean and jealous rivals. But now Prime Minister unfortunately our time is up and we must end this searching and revelatory examination of your first year in office.

RUDD: Ching chong.

DIX: (Giggles) Thank you, it was a pleasure.

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