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Hatred blows in from the Left

When the hoax was blowing through the media last week the hot air blew in some strange non-readers. Most had never actually looked at a copy of the magazine and only found their way to Quadrant Online with difficulty.

One of them was Dr Kerryn Goldsworthy. She blogs on Left sites as Pavlov’s Cat and is a good representation of the cultural gatekeepers who keep the culture dismally PC and utterly Left. For almost 20 years she taught at Melbourne University. An author and reviewer she was an editor of the Australian Book Review and a member of the Literature Board of the Australia Council. When she cut loose about Quadrant her attitudes and frozen in time prejudices captured the platitudes of the Left establishment she belongs to and writes for and provided a good example of the Left totalitarianism which will not allow any dissent to be voiced:

If you look at Quadrant’s home page you will see that almost every single item featured there has been conceived and written through the lens of left-hatin’. Left-hatin’ of a particularly simplistic and bilious kind seems these days, indeed, to be its chief raison d’être. I am astounded that you seem unable to see this; it was only when I actually went to their home page when I realised how bad — and how ludicrous — it had become. The work of the page-dominating Michael Connor in particular appears to me to be half crazed. (And fully crappy.)

… should’ve made the point more clearly, which was that Quadrant is a bastion of masculinity. Few women would submit poems to it in the first instance. It’s a bit like the all-male blogs, chickens and eggs and so on. Create an environment hostile or repellent to women, and, astonishingly, women will stay away in droves. Also, most women writers, indeed most writers, are to the left of centre. And there’s a reason for this.

On the same website there was a warm and derogatory discussion of Quadrant which is best summed up in this comment by James Rice: for god’s sake, I don’t read Quadrant!

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