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Bill Muehlenberg

Bill Muehlenberg blogs on Quadrant Online. Bill Muehlenberg (who I don’t know) wrote a brilliant book.

It is called Modern Conservatism: an annotated bibliography (IPA, 1990). For anyone newly discovering conservative thought it is a creative and enthusiastic guide through the field.

I found it by accident and it helped me discover books and authors I had never heard of. Back in the early 90s, before internet booksellers, finding books and authors was sometimes difficult and a matter of chance. Bill’s book helped me to uncover gold in op shops and second-hand booksellers.

Even now, with the greatly increased choice of conservative websites and materials available, Modern Conservatism would help anyone newly encountering conservatism and looking for guidance and the sheer pleasure of encountering great conservative writers and ideas. Modern Conservatism is an invaluable primer in conservatism which, this contented customer thinks, would be worth updating and reprinting or web publishing.

For those who don’t know Modern Conservatism, and would like an overview of modern conservative thought, a copy is well worth tracking down.

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