Louise Milligan’s Latest Anti-Catholic Frolic

The fembots rise again. There is no such a phenomenon quite like the ex-Catholic feminist scorned.  If you ever meet one, you will instantly know what I mean.  I have never known such anger.  And the never-quite-sated lust for revenge is palpable.

Not content with having attempted to destroy the life of a white martyr Cardinal and the career of a Liberal leadership contender (Christian Porter), the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s hit-girl has struck again.  This time, she has set her sights on Catholic schools.  In particular, the Pared schools Redfield College. Wollemi College, Tangara School and Montgrove College.  All of these schools are in western and north western Sydney.

Louise Milligan sniffs a story that might destroy the political career of the NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet, ludicrously portrayed as a far-right politician.  Hence a favourite target of a certain kind of ABC feminazi.  (As if the NSW Liberal Party itself isn’t already doing a sterling job of guaranteeing it loses the upcoming March election; it doesn’t need any help from the ABC).

The leftist Sydney Morning Herald has been well-briefed, of course:

NSW’s powerful education authority is investigating Sydney schools linked to Opus Dei amid a war of words between the ultra-conservative Catholic group and the public broadcaster.

The ABC’s Four Corners is planning to air a program on Monday night titled Purity: An Education in Opus Dei, alleging “disturbing practices” by the controversial organisation in several schools and exploring its influence in the NSW Liberal Party.

Disturbing practices?  Gosh.  They might even be … Catholic!  A natural target for Four Corners and  Milligan, for both of whom “Opus Dei” is clearly a trigger phrase.

Controversial?  They forgot to include “divisive”.  Ultra-conservative?  This is where the bungling incompetence of the Left press gets comical.  If decades of close exposure to Opus Dei members have taught me anything, it is that they are not ultra-conservative.  Though on the continuum occupied at the centre (they believe fervently) by the likes of SMH and ABC journalists, anyone to their right can automatically be labelled “ultra-conservative”.  If Dominic Perrottet is to be touted as an example of someone ultra-conservative, we are in Blind Freddie territory.

Opus Dei has three core principles – Catholic orthodoxy; outsized support for the Pope (including the current one, who no one on God’s Earth thinks is ultra-conservative), and the importance of living the faith through everyday work.  This is about it.

Influence in the NSW Liberal Party?  If only it did.  We might then get some decent conservative policies.  If you want to know about shadowy, behind-the-scenes influences in the NSW Liberal Party, you need look no further than the leftist lobbyists of Premier State Consulting.  Investigate that!  They pull the strings and get the personnel and the policies they want.  Perrottet’s Opus Dei string-pulling, such that it can be said to exist, is singularly hopeless.

What is Pared?  It is an organisation of Catholic parents that sets out to provide an orthodox Catholic education to young people of faith.  Self-described as follows:

Pared Schools offer a personalised system of education, seeking to integrate the pursuit of academic excellence with an education in human virtues. Offering a solid and deep foundation in the Catholic faith, Pared schools develop leaders of integrity who will contribute to family and society (emphasis in original).

Quite correctly, these parents have little faith in either the State system or the excessively woke and supine Catholic schools.  The Pared website states:

A small group of parents came together in 1982, hoping to establish a school in Sydney’s north that focused on education of the whole person; where parents are encouraged to worked closely with teachers to bring out the best in their students.

Built on the belief that both home and school are the key learning environments of every child, a united purpose between parents and teachers would be the basis for the schools, and exactly what set them apart.

Today, Pared Foundation is still made up of parents who are dedicated to offering students an education that fosters outstanding academic results, an enduring work ethic, and the practice of human virtues which develop character.

Scary stuff!  As state schools teach small children about transgenderism and homosexuality (and clearly not much else) and Catholic systemic schools progressively discard the Faith of our Fathers as they educate mostly non-Catholic students and provide “pastoral care”, is it any surprise that some Catholic parents might have chosen another path?

But wait a minute.  The current NSW Premier is a graduate of the Pared system, (though he also attended a non-Pared school for a time).  The plot suddenly thickens. The SMH reports:

In a letter sent to parents this week co-signed by the principals of the four schools, the Pared Foundation claimed Monday’s episode “seems to be an attack on the Catholic faith” and an “attempt at damaging the political career” of Perrottet ahead of the March 25 state election.

I have seen the letter.  It actually focuses on the attack by the ABC on Catholic teachings on homosexuality.  Now we are getting warm.  The ABC is one of the prime agitators for the replacement of the traditional family with the rainbow version.  Pared is seen as a foe of the homosexualist agenda, therefore it must be crushed.  The ABC sees Catholic teachings on sex as the way to take on and defeat Louise Milligan’s biggest enemy.  Remember that it was George Pell’s refusal to serve Holy Communion to rainbow-sashers in 1996 that started the whole WoP (War on Pell).  Homosexual activists are like elephants.  They never forget.  They are also the elephants in this Four Corners room.

The ABC naturally demurs:

That claim has been rejected by the ABC, which said the episode by reporter Louise Milligan “investigates serious allegations that are clearly in the public’s interest to be informed about, including opposing consent education, encouraging students to make decisions contrary to medical advice, harm to students as a result of their education, homophobia and recruitment of students under the guise of pastoral care”.

“There is nothing in the program that is an attack on the Catholic faith,” a spokesperson said.

How stupid do they think we are?  To ask the question is to answer it.

What is this “consent education, by the way”?  And why would Pared oppose it?

Mark Latham, one of the few NSW politicians earning his salary, has been a vigorous opponent of so-called “consent education”, which is creeping further and further down the age scale in State schools.  He has been a warrior.  His Facebook Outsiders page spells out One Nation’s priorities:

We will declare under the NSW Education Act that parents are the primary educators of their children. Not teachers, not bureaucrats, and not politicians.

It’s part of our 10-point plan to end the nonsense in our classrooms and lift the standards on education.

A Democratic Labor Party commenter suggests:

Parents should have the first and last say on raising their kids and the education they receive. It’s time for the Government bureaucrats to back out and let the adults handle this.

Amen to that.  This is the long and the short of what Pared schools are seeking to do.  Allowing parents a say in their children’s education is anathema to the ABC’s deep antipathy towards traditional families.  You know — mum, dad and the kids.  They prefer dad, dad and the kids.

The NSW Government, for the moment being run by Perrottet, refused to support Latham’s private member’s bill on these matters and, in particular, on parental rights.  He might well have taken Pared schools as his model here.  Let me repeat: the NSW Liberal Government refused to support Mark Latham.  Instead, they would rather be seen as tacitly supporting the creepy consent education agenda that is sexualising children as we speak.

Mark Latham also notes:

NSW Children’s Advocate wants teachers to ‘keep secrets’ about students’ gender talk.

The Office of the Children’s Advocate in NSW should be abolished.

In a disgusting slur against parents, she has said “it may not be safe” for school teachers to tell parents information about their child’s gender and sexuality.

This would be on Perrottet’s watch, from the NSW Liberal Government’s bureaucrats.  Not much Pared-style governing going on here.

The ABC reports:

An ABC Four Corners program to be broadcast on Monday will investigate instances of students at Pared schools in the Sydney’s Hills district being taught misinformation about sexual health, including that pornography causes holes in the brain, that girls were being discouraged from getting the HPV cervical cancer vaccine, and that students are subjected to persistent attempts to recruit them to Opus Dei, a small-but-powerful Catholic organisation.

Powerful?  Err, no.  See above. 

This is a classic ABC play.  Cross-promote your own hit job.  Conflate arcane charges concerning trumped-up accusations about subjects that no one has ever heard of with utterly spurious Opus Dei recruitment claims and just put it out there.  Some of the mud will surely stick.  Throw in a little anti-vaxxer auto-suggestion.  And definitely use the word “misinformation”.  Bingo!  Any suggestion of links to anti-vaccine ideas is a sure winner for the ABC.  Create the murky.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Then we throw in the connection between the Catholic Education Office and the NSW election.  The agenda is exposed.

NESA [NSW Education Standards Authority] board member Dallas McInerney — who is also a member of the New South Wales Liberal Party — was quoted in the SMH about the forthcoming story, saying that the ABC has a “wider agenda”.

Shocking!  A member of the Liberal Party!  A conspiracy!  And better still, is there a smoking gun?

ABC’s Four Corners has interviewed a former student of a Pared school, who contacted NESA with a complaint, and was told she needed to first contact the schools, which she felt was futile. She says she and her mother contacted the authority on several occasions between 2018 and 2022.

Gosh, a student complained.  Hold the presses!  Are these people serious?

Louise Milligan is an anti-Catholic dog whistler.  Nothing more, nothing less.  How else could she believe the absurd stories of The Kid, aka Witness J, for example. Quod erat demonstrandum.  And we pay her salary.  And her legal fees.

Once upon a time, Four Corners was a serious program. It was compered by Robert Moore, a serious journalist and outstanding presenter.  Those were the days.  They explored real issues, not the fantasies of disturbed activists.  Louise Milligan’s persistence as an employee of the ABC demonstrates like nothing else the massive decline of the public broadcaster.

18 thoughts on “Louise Milligan’s Latest Anti-Catholic Frolic

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    Words fail me!

  • Brian Boru says:

    Whilst I will always remember Mark Latham unfavorably for parachuting Peter Garrett into parliament, of later years he has pleasantly surprised me.
    This piece of Milligan’s and the ABC has coincidentally come just before the NSW election. Yes, and pigs fly.
    I would just say that the religious curriculum of these schools is available to parents and they freely choose to send their children there. This may not accord with the ABC’s world view but then what (expletive) business is it of theirs.

  • DougD says:

    “state schools teach small children about transgenderism and homosexuality (and clearly not much else)” – too kind, Paul. Climate catastrophism and the beauty of Aboriginal culture, so defaced by the white man, vie for the centre of the curriculum

  • call it out says:

    Good stuff Paul. A lapsed Catholic, I have nothing but the greatest respect for Cardinal Pell. And nothing but contempt for Milligan.

  • Michael says:

    Milligan and the ABC will have another law suit on their hands.

  • padraic says:

    My reaction was the same as that of Brian Boru, viz. There must be an election happening somewhere where Labor is currently in opposition, so the ABC swings into action to rubbish the conservative incumbent as well as trying to make anti Catholicism fashionable again – a win-win for the new woke religion. We all thought we had moved on from racism, bigotry and anti-semitism, but now it’s OK if the right people are doing it.

    • Lawrie Ayres says:

      What if the ABC’s attack on Catholics encourages those same Catholics to vote for the Coalition? Since the anti-catholic rage is helpful to Labor then ergo Labor must support it. Will Minns call out the ABC and distance Labor from the obvious attack on Catholicism generally? Probably not since he needs the support of their ALPBC. Free advertising but the connection remains. Vote Labor and you support anti-Catholicism.

  • padraic says:

    N.B. “right” in the sense of “Left”.

  • Aussietom says:

    An excellent article. Milligan and her ilk must be held to account.

  • Lonsdale says:

    Why hasn’t “the kid” been prosecuted for lying?

  • Dallas Beaufort says:

    Another ABC inspired witch hunt.

  • STD says:

    Jan31 2023 11.22 ESST
    Is that a sham-pain flute being held aloft in the left-right hand?
    Me thinks, that perhaps there are enough bubbles of carbon dioxide in that glass to provide the world with it’s warming tipping point ( of one extra molecule in 10,000) as it passes the lippy.
    Oh my God I think the water level in the background is rising.
    Hey true blue ,you’re toast.

  • Sydgal says:

    Milligan has another story on the ABC website tonight about how the Federal Education Minister, Jason Clare, has warned that an independent investigator may be appointed following a state probe on the Schools.

    “Mr Clare said the trigger for breaching the Commonwealth Education Act would be if his department found that the schools were not implementing the approved curriculum in full.”

    I’d like to know how Mr Clare became a patron of the organisation that commissioned the artworks of Cardinal Pell depicted as the Devil, Prisoner 666, Pell go to Hell, Justice for Witness J etc displayed outside the Melbourne Courts. The artist in question sells smaller works for $4,000.

  • Tony Tea says:

    I watched it last night. Apart from the whipping which was weird but possibly exaggerated and re-contextualised for drama – insert psycho Da Vinci Code monk – the spiky leg thing which was weird if puzzling, the Brazilian mentor which as presented was wrong but seemingly a one-off (I mean, if there were other instances of sexual misconduct they would surely have said so, and plenty of other schools have been in the same boat), and the bullying which is shouse but also hardly confined to Pared schools, it smacked of a drive-by with Lib pollies the innocent bystanders.
    Also, apart from Alex who seemed troubled, the other alum all seemed remarkably well-spoken, mature and sensible young adults. And did I detect a hint of humour when some were talking about their school days?
    Overall, if the schools were recruiting for Opus Dei, they can’t have been trying too hard, or they’re doing a rubbish job, or just not recruiting at all, since there are only 650 members in Australia.

  • Daffy says:

    The ABC is clearly a Communist organisation where the spirit of Alan Ashbolt thrives. Its continued mission to undermine the family, an element of The Communist Manifesto is my evidence in this accusation. Milligan’s hyper-ventilating tendentious mendacious absurdities (enough big words for now) are typical of the radical left. Her support for the randomization of sexual practice and ‘identity’, whatever that is, are the weapon of indirect attack on the family as a functional element in society and the core component of a generous liberal (small L) ethos.

  • Lawrie Ayres says:

    Not wishing Ms Milligan harm but it would be poetic justice if in her later years she has need of a Catholic Hospice. She certainly won’t find a Green Hospice since they do not do charity in any form.

  • rabel111 says:

    It’s amazing that a journalist who gets it wrong so many times, continues to be employed promoted by the ABC. Well, maybe not so amazing.

    • STD says:

      Socialist’s, and therefore socialism by its very nature is completely incompetent, that is Y it’s foundation rock built is that of corruption – progressivism is underpinned by lies and deceit and malpractice as well as moral and intellectual theft( denial) ,the shifting sands ,if you like.

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